Xiaomi Mijia Mini Projector Portable 1920 1080 Support 4K Video

Xiaomi Youth Edition projector brings you cinema-level viewing experience

Video & Audio

Speaking of projectors, many people are habitually labeled “business”. In fact, with the development of the Internet and smart digital, the projector market has been subdivided into two categories of business and family in recent years. In the audio-visual entertainment market, the home projector has gradually replaced the traditional TV with the advantages of small size, no space, large screen area and rich video resources. As the leader in the field of smart home ecology, Xiaomi has been recognized by many users for its product quality. Its ” Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition” has been widely praised since its launch. Let me take a look at this. How the product behaves.

Stylish design, refined appearance

Xiaomi projector youth version adhering to Xiaomi’s consistently simple design, white matte cavity, black panel to create a strong video impact, but also can be perfectly integrated into the home environment, 115x150x150mm measurements are small and exquisite, do not take too much There is not much burden on the home space, even if you go out and carry it.

True 1080P Full HD

The Mijia projector youth version adopts a fully sealed optical system design, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the dirty lens and affect the projection effect and accidentally bump into the lens. The LED light source can reach 500 lumens, 1080P full HD Full HD resolution can bring us The ultimate viewing effect, the integrated large sound cavity design, can make the bass dive to 90Hz, which has more bass experience than the 150-200Hz low frequency range of other projection products.

HDR10 high dynamic blessing

In addition to supporting 1920×1080 full HD resolution, Xiaomi projector youth version can also be upward compatible with 4K resolution playback, four-channel LED RGB + BP can increase brightness by 20%, and through HDR10 technology blessing, high dynamic range video decoding for users Bring more rich picture detail.

1.2:1 projection is more than 40-200 inch big screen

The Xiaomi youth projector has a projection ratio of 1.2:1, and can project a screen size of 120 inches at a distance of 3 meters. Even in a small apartment, you can enjoy the giant screen look, and the projection area of ​​up to 400 inches can be Bring you cinema-quality viewing.

MIUI TV system, easy to watch all Xiaomi video content

Xiaomi Projection uses the same MIUI TV system as Xiaomi TV, including the massive resources of Xiaomi video, the latest episodes, movies for free viewing, and the intelligent Patchwall can recommend customized content according to your viewing habits, without having to go around. The blockbuster is in my hand.

No need to do it, it’s easier to talk about

Different from the traditional remote control, the remote control of Xiaomi Projection has a voice button. You can achieve the desired effect by pressing and speaking the voice command, for example: “I want to see the Westward Journey”, “Fast” Into the 30 minutes, “What is the weather of tomorrow”, this function can achieve control content display without complicated operations, it is very practical for some lazy people or elderly people at home.

to sum up

Traditional TVs take up a lot of space and are inconvenient to move, and the price of large-size screens is very high, which is not affordable for the average family. The Mijia projector can adjust the display size very conveniently according to different usage environments, especially the youth of Xiaomi. The Mijia projector is compact and exquisite in appearance. It is not only can be placed in the home, but also can be easily carried out without being restricted by the environment. Moreover, the functional design is not only suitable for young people’s living habits, the convenience of voice instructions for the elderly, but also can easily control modern smart devices, very human, worthy of praise. And is youthful, burning attitude, 818 Suning Shopping Festival, good price, don’t miss it.

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