Smart Cleaning Tools Give You A Clean And Comfortable Environment

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With the rapid development of science and technology, our life has fully entered the era of intelligence, but many housewives have to carry out numerous cleanings every day in order to make their homes 100% clean, although indoor hygiene has improved, Physical and mental deficiency is more exhausting. In fact, it is very simple to liberate your hands. These efficient and intelligent cleaning tools can help you solve all these problems.

Yijie Floors Cleaning 360 Degree Spin Microfiber Dust Kitchen Mop

This is a pedal-operated and labor-saving mop that you really can’t miss! With so many effortless designs: telescopic mop handles, automatic dewatering system, and a microfiber head for stain removal and dust removal. It is a 360° swivel and 180 degree swivel swivel joint that will make your cleaning easier and faster. It can also be used for a wider range of housework such as kitchen cleaning, car wash and window cleaning. Why not have such a convenient rotating mop to simplify your housework?

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This Xiaomi Mijia G1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner MJSTG1 can clean the floor 360 degrees, all the dust, hair, paper scraps, and other garbage can be sucked into the stomach, it can freely shuttle the bottom of the bed, easy to clean the bottom of the sofa and the table, clean and dirty floors easily and effectively, it helps get into the cabinets and hard-to-reach corners,  many of the usual the dust at the dead corners that can’t be cleaned is all cleaned. When it encounters walls and obstacles, it will automatically change direction. A built-in 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery makes it easy to clean anywhere. This robot must be your good helper, widely used mopping the floor, cleaning windows, cleaning walls, cleaning vehicles, floor waxing, and floor polishing.

Electric Window Cleaning Robot

Cleaning up the dust on the windows is a tough job for anyone. Now our smart window cleaning robot can help you clean windows automatically. You just have to do your own thing and let it clean the windows by itself. After cleaning a window in a few minutes, move it to another window. It can clean a variety of surfaces such as walls, floors, glass, tiles and more. Small, lightweight and very safe, you can stay on the roof windows and clean them.

IKayaa Floor Spray Mop

This is a labor-saving spray mop for your house cleaning! Made from thick stainless steel and PE, this mop is durable and sturdy. It can be sprayed with water by easily pressing the handle. The microfiber head will not harm your floor. It is suitable for tiles, wood/hardwood/composite. With this mop, you don’t need to bend over, you can enjoy happier and more. A relaxing house cleaning experience.

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