WOPOW AU-03 Multi-color Candy Headphone

WOPOW candy headset AU03 sweet listing

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Finally you are here! WOPOW’s first candy headset au03 sweet market! More lovely than candy, more natural color than plants, smart and swaying, lightly swaying, faint scent and sweet taste, smothered, from one heart to the end of love, finally, quietly listening to the softness of the years Language, fall in love with your taste.

Beautiful color, sweet, sweet first love

Apple green, fresh and natural, sweet and sour; blush powder, sweet and lovely, such as the first ripe cherry; mint blue, cool and not unassuming, sweet and moist; white lily, clean and pure, silky honey; Munich, mysterious cool, like The fragrant cocoa is sweet. Every sweet taste is the taste of youth, temperament like you, there is always a suitable for you.

Asymmetrical design, showing a playful personality

WOPOW au03 around “-“, “+” asymmetric personality design, highlighting the playful and cute, as if people suddenly remove the shackles of time and space, such as Mu Chunfeng, youthful and compelling.

45° small elevation angle is not only the most beautiful angle

Using artificial angle, the design of 45 ° proud little angle of elevation, so that the main body of the earphones just penetrate the ear canal, providing a comfortable wearing experience, while being closer to the auricle, bringing superior sound insulation. Give the ears the gentleness of the spring breeze.

Pure sound, such as spring water

The WOPOW au03 uses a third-generation balanced damping system that uniquely designs the sound and airflow channels to make the sound more transparent and balanced, such as spring water, and clear and clear.

One button remote control · soft touch

The remote control operation is precise. Press and press twice to make your fingertips addictive and touch your heart.

WOPOW candy earphones au03, colorful candy colors, add color to your ears. There is no limit to youth, so many voices in the world, let us forget the earphones, listen to the inner voice quietly, let your little universe feel the sweet moisture, get out of the flustered age, and fall in love with sweet taste.

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