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Some time ago we reviewed a headset with breakthrough technology in the field of wireless headphones, which is the Honor FlyPods Pro. The bone voiceprint recognition even achieved payment-level security, but at the same time the price of $ 145 also made many ordinary users discourage. So what I want to evaluate today is: Honor FlyPods Youth Edition, a more people-friendly Honor FlyPods headset. What kind of performance does it cost at 399? Let’s look at the specific evaluation next.

Appearance design: In-ear wear, easy to carry

Take a look at the family portrait as usual, Honor FlyPods Youth Edition headset body, Micro-USB charging cable, several sets of silicone earmuffs, the overall configuration is simple and sufficient. First of all, we should pay attention to the overall volume of the headset. The overall shape of the cuboid and ellipse seems quite round, which is slightly larger than the FlyPods Pro version, but it coincides with many in-ear true wireless headphones in design. Where the headphones are placed horizontally, the Honor FlyPods Youth Edition has a total of 3 colors: robin blue, lily of the valley white, magic night black, and colorful color choices are more in line with the aesthetic style of contemporary young people. What we got this time was the version of Lily of the Valley.

Typical in-ear design in details, with a simple logo printed on the headphone handle and charging box, the headphone housing also integrates a distance sensor to detect the pairing status and metal contacts for charging. Each earphone is also equipped with There are two silicon wheats, which are distributed on the body and bottom of the headphone handle. In addition, Honor FlyPods Youth Edition also presented 3 sets of silicone earmuffs, which can be suitable for users with different ear types and different auricle sizes, and the silicone shells of the shell can increase the friction between the ear and the ear when wearing. More firm.

Summary: Honor FlyPods Youth Edition is not much different from many real wireless earphones we have seen in the design. They all belong to a relatively lightweight and portable shape. The plastic material’s high-gloss and frosted treatment also complement each other. There are several seams in the shell. However, the groove of the magnetic cover of the charging case is not obvious enough. Friends without nails will feel a little blocked when they are opened.

Interaction: Double-tap interaction

For a true wireless headset, touch interaction is essential. Honor FlyPods Youth Edition integrates the most common double-click touch interaction of true wireless headphones. In our test, Honor V20 was used as the representative of the Android machine and iPhone X as the representative of the iOS camp. Double-clicking the left channel headset can call out the voice assistant. Then the next function depends on what functions the voice assistant comes with, such as adjusting the alarm clock, checking the weather, and opening the APP.

In addition, double-clicking on the right channel headset can answer calls / calls and pause / play music, which are all functions of normal operation.

Summary: The double touch of Honor FlyPods Youth Edition is as stable as expected. This is also the state of a mature wireless wireless headset. The functions of answering / hanging up the phone, pausing / playing music and calling out the voice assistant are all There is no problem. The application scenario is roughly that you can easily control the sound when you listen to songs on the street with headphones or drive.

Sound quality & delay: the sound quality is affordable, the delay is low enough

We can see on the back of the headset charging box, a Micro-USB charging port and a physical button. Press and hold the physical button until the blue light on the front of the box flashes to indicate pairing status. After manually entering the Bluetooth pairing connection for the first time, later It can be paired out of the box, and the connection experience is as stable and fast as expected.

We mentioned in the previous appearance part that each headset has two silicon microphones on the headphone handle. These two high-performance silicon microphones can effectively enhance the level of noise reduction in calls. This is not much. The unique feature is Intelligent binaural call, that is, the left and right ears can be switched freely during a call, and both ears and ears can answer the call, which is more practical for friends who need to listen to unilateral headphones when driving.

In terms of sound quality, the Honor FlyPods Youth Edition uses a high-quality dynamic coil unit and uses balanced adjustment technology. There is no problem in the resolution of the vocal part. The mid-high frequency can be clear and translucent. It is limited, but at least it can not be broken, and the low-frequency part is average, and there is no obvious sense of volume. However, the glory FlyPods youth version is in-ear design, so the sound tightness is more than flat-head headphones Well, the low-frequency part will be slightly more prominent. In general, the sound quality is quite satisfactory. There are no obvious shortcomings or too amazing highlights. The overall performance is similar to what we expect for the price of $ 74.51.

And the delay is also good enough. In our experience of watching station B, there is no obvious delay in the voice of the characters, which is sufficient for daily video watching and most games.

In terms of battery life, the charging box has a total battery life of 12 hours, and a single use has 3 hours of battery life. The most important thing is that it has 90 minutes of battery life after charging for 15 minutes (at 50% volume in AAC mode). Overall, There is still a gap between the best true wireless headsets with a battery life of more than 20 hours, but 12 hours of battery life is enough for everyone to use for about 3 days, which is still completely acceptable. In addition, the Honor FlyPods Youth Edition is also IP54 waterproof. You don’t need to be afraid to wet the headphones in the rainy outdoor environment, and you don’t need to worry about dropping the washbasin when you brush your teeth indoors. This is a very useful feature.

to sum up

Looking back at the entire headset, first of all, it is slightly larger than the previous Honor FlyPods Pro, but it is still portable and compact. It is not a problem to carry it with you. In addition, the earphone is designed for in-ear design. It is lower than the flat-head style, but the volume is not large. The intimate silicone cover can also be put on the headphone case to increase friction. The sound quality should be worthy of the performance at this price, which is quite satisfactory. s level.

Another point I think is more important is the endurance. The 12-hour endurance is a good level, but there is still a certain gap compared to more than 20 hours of the first echelon’s headphones, but all this has returned to the price of $ 74.51 Yes, at this price, you can probably buy a pair of products that work well, and then the sound quality and battery life are OK, overall it is worth considering.

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