Xiaomi Router 4A (Gigabit Version)

Xiaomi Router 4A Gigabit Experience

Nowadays, most households have popularized the network, installed broadband, and the network bandwidth is getting higher and higher, which also forced the router product update and upgrade to a certain extent. There are many kinds of router products on the market, many routes are under the banner of Gigabit. I believe that many people have […]

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Xiaomi Mi Gel Pen

Xiaomi brand gel pen is about to hit, Xiaomi really wants to become a “department company”

Before Xiaomi has officially released a brand new eco-chain brand, “Mijia”, all walks of life can always be said to adhere to the principle of not “disturbing” each other. However, since Xiaomi officially released the “Mijia”, it seems that everything has changed. Perhaps the development of other industries has changed, but the development of Xiaomi […]

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