FIIDO D3 Folding Power Assist Eletric Bicycle

FIIDO D3 changed my way of travel!

With the rapid development of society, people’s travel patterns are undergoing tremendous changes. More and more private cars, commuting and outings will choose to drive, but there is a very real problem, that is, there will be frequent traffic jams during the peak hours. Seeing that I am going home, it seems that it is […]

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Hackers find the way to “remote” Xiaomi’s M365 electric scooter (update official statement)

Electric scooters are not only ours here, but also an increasingly popular product category abroad. Although Xiaomi is not too early to enter the market, it has developed well in the United States because of the cooperative sharing of scooter manufacturers. However, mobile security company Zimperium found that the Bluetooth module of Xiaomi’s M365 electric […]

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Garmin fenix 5 Plus, the top smart sports watch

Today, with the popularity of smart electronic products. People are no longer curious about smartphones and watches. Most smart watches have common features such as outdoor heart rate monitoring, weather forecasting, mobile payments, answering calls and sending emails. Their function and price are not much different. However, few people use Garmin brand watches. It is […]

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