Several Major Functions Of The Curtain

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Curtains are a necessity for our living and living. We generally think that curtains only have the effect of regulating light. In fact, it has many functions.

Protecting privacy: You can use fabric curtains to block outside sights to enhance privacy in your private space.

Adjusting the light: The most obvious function of the curtain is to block the glare. Sometimes the sun is too strong, it is very glaring, it will affect people’s sight, especially in summer, it will be very hot. In this case, there is a curtain to block this glare and still retain a certain amount of light. This light brown and jacquard weave is a good choice. Exquisite leaf patterns, pure voile, will present a wonderful sight that is illuminated by the sun or blown by the wind. The product is also the perfect decoration for the bedroom, living room, balcony, hotel, floor to ceiling windows, dining room, coffee house.

Decoration: Fabric curtains have the characteristics of variety, colorful and rich patterns, which can play a key role in interior decoration and decoration. Different materials and styles can be rich and colorful, and various decoration effects. This elegant print pattern tulle sheer curtain with exquisite butterflies patterns and high-quality voile, it will present a dreamy and warm scene. The product is also the perfect decoration for the bedroom, living room, balcony, hotel, floor to ceiling windows, dining room, coffee house.

Sound insulation: Whether indoors or outdoors, when the sound decibel reaches 30, noise pollution will be formed, which will affect people’s normal rest, so the curtains with soundproof function are an essential choice for indoors. In general, the thicker the curtains, the better the sound insulation. Good quality cotton, linen, and flocking curtains can reduce the external noise by 10% to 20%. This bright-colored stars curtain with white voile soft window drape curtains can create a good rest environment during the day.

adjust emotion: Color can affect people’s mood, the color of curtains also has this effect, so when choosing curtains, pay attention to its color matching, choose fresh and natural light color to make people feel happy, if you match red and black curtains,they will let you sleep better. This tropical rainforest banana leaf thermal insulating room darkening curtain uses a fresh, natural green color to give you a feeling of being in the grasslands and forests.

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