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For housewives, the cleaning of the kitchen is always complicated and cumbersome. Cleaning work takes a lot of time because the cleanliness of each tool and item is closely related to the health of the family. The corner where there is more soot is difficult in cleaning. The outer casing and grill of the range hood, as well as the two items, cannot be cleaned with a dishwasher and a disinfection cabinet. In addition, cleaning fruits and vegetables is also a time-consuming and laborious task, because people are worried that pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables,so they will be soaked in water for a long time before eating. This is also more troublesome,Therefore, there are a series of electric cleaning equipment on the market that can effectively solve various cleaning problems in the kitchen.

Electric Cleaning Equipment For Kitchen

This CL99 multifunctional Wireless Electric Cleaner With 3 Brushes can easily help you clean the kitchen Oil stain, it can meet your needs to clean the grill, bathroom, kitchen. This tool contains a metal slit cleaning brush, a metal long brush and a short metal brush. The metal brush cleans the stubborn dirt or oil on the grill. It also has a set of 3 interchangeable multi-purpose brushes for cleaning large areas of dirt, such as corners and gaps. The soft rubber design makes the user more comfortable and convenient, you can use it with the cleaning agent in the process of using it. With this tool, it is not time-consuming and laborious to do housework.

Safe Plasma Fruit Cleaning Machine

Almost everyone thinks that cleaning fruit is a simple matter, even without washing fruits, because many fruits have outer shells, but for some berries you can’t ignore the cleaning problems, such as strawberries, mulberries, cherries, raspberries, Blueberries, etc., the peels of these fruits are thin and soft, and they are in direct contact with nature. It is normal for them to be contaminated with dust. These fruits are very troublesome to clean. This Safe Plasma Fruit Cleaning Machine can help you solve your problem.
Fruit cleaners produce strong suction when working. Under the action of suction, strong suction separates the stain from the fruit due to the difference in gravity between the stain and the fruit to achieve separate washing of the stain. It can effectively remove the harmful substances on the surface of the fruit, and the shelf life of the plasma treated fruit is obviously increased. For fruit, such as grapes, raisins, cherry tomatoes and cherries, automatic friction between fruits, assisted in removing wax residue on the surface of the fruit and remove pesticide residues on the surface of the fruit

Professional Ultrasonic Glasses Rings Coins Cleaning Device

There are some tools in daily life that are more difficult to clean, such as jewellery, glasses, watches, etc. made of gold and silver and precious metals. These items are very expensive. Generally, it is necessary to get a store to clean, which is very troublesome, but this station KKmoon Ultrasonic Cleaner Compact Ultrasound Wave Jewelry Cleaner Cleaning Machine, you will never know how your items will glow with water, just like new ones. You only need to fill the water tank and put in the items you need to clean to see the professional cleaning effect. All work is done by ultrasonic. If you add some detergent,it will enhance the cleaning effect, it can clean jewellery in a few minutes and without damage them

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