HUAWEI FreeBuds True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

A great gift for yourself Huawei FreeBuds enjoy wireless headphones

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In the field of mobile phones, I believe that everyone can realize that with the continuous improvement of product integration, there are fewer and fewer 3.5mm headphone jacks in mid- to high-end mobile phones, and true wireless Bluetooth headsets are gradually becoming popular. But the problem that comes with it is that the basic price of big brand good quality products in real wireless Bluetooth headsets has reached $150, and most of the hundred yuan grades are products with some lack of quality and experience. It’s really tangled. So at the time of the 618 National Shopping Spree, users can’t find a product that takes into account both quality experience and affordable price? Really not, Huawei’s new FreeBuds enjoyment version is an excellent product that meets all the above requirements.

Huawei FreeBuds enjoys the high level of design and workmanship of Huawei products, and its functionality is also very comprehensive. It is not a problem to listen to songs, make calls, and evoke voice assistants through touch operation. More importantly, its price The final positioning is at an affordable $63.99, which is cost-effective.

Huawei FreeBuds enjoys the design of today’s mainstream split-type headphones + charging box. The weight of a single earphone is as light as 5g. It can make users feel the convenience of being free from wire binding. According to official data, with the charging box, the headset can support up to 12 hours of music playback/calling, and it can recover up to 90 minutes of battery life with only 15 minutes of charging, and you don’t have to worry about battery life when you go out.

The earphone adopts a streamlined design with IP54 dustproof and waterproof grade. The front end is a breathable earplug specially designed for sports scenes. It is stable and comfortable to wear. The infrared sensor is integrated inside the earphone to monitor the wearing state of the earphone in real time. The headset will automatically pause playback, while the top and bottom dual noise reduction mic can also collect and filter the ambient sound, making the call clearer and clear without interference.

In conjunction with the daily use of the user, Huawei FreeBuds enjoys excellent performance in the experience. After the first pairing is completed, the user will automatically connect back when the headset is opened, and there will be no frustration of interrupting the operation. In use, the user can double-click the left earphone to summon the mobile phone voice assistant. Calling, checking the weather, checking the navigation can all be done, and the smart life experience is in your ear.

Of course, as a headphone, the sound quality is also one of the absolute elements. Huawei FreeBuds enjoys the PU composite diaphragm moving coil as the sounding unit, and its shape has been specially designed, and the performance in the low frequency has been improved. Let you listen to the song to feel the better atmosphere and the rhythm of the rhythm.

Huawei FreeBuds enjoys the performance of the version is already excellent enough, the price-effective price positioning is making it a must-have artifact for younger users’ entertainment life. Now, taking advantage of the Jingdong 618 event, there are also coupons and other related benefits. The gift given to you in the middle of the year is a perfect fit.

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