Honor AM17 magic sound headset usage summary

Video & Audio

1.Evaluation of the headset body

First of all, the earphones come in three colors: red, blue, and purple, which are very in line with the trend of young people. Moreover, the current price of 199 and the cheap headphones with a small gold label are acceptable to everyone!

The Honor AM17 headset uses two different materials for matching. The braided wire below has better anti-pulling performance and the anti-wrapping braided wrapping wire brings better durability, while the upper part is more in contact with the skin. Soft skin-friendly rubber material. / The magic sound logo on the back of the red earbud is very durable. Honor has delicately polished the earbud head, and the excellent texture brought by the bright reflection. And very comfortable! !! !! / Wire control switch, in addition to controlling and stopping playback, the middle button can also complete the previous song (press 3 times) and the next song (press 2 times). The buttons are also very clear, and the feedback is very clear and very practical. / The earphone also uses an L-shaped plug, which can prevent the embarrassment of accidental breaking!

2.Sound insights

This time I matched with the fighting power of ten years ago-iPod shuffle always felt red and green.

With iPod shuffle, the sound is still broad, the sound feels transparent, and the clarity is okay, but the bass is directly broken, and a complete bass pop music is very boring! !! !! Treble does not exist! !! !! Don’t do too much elaboration! It is only biased towards neutrality! Can’t meet some of the basic requirements of the first burn! !! !! Because the price is there, I have to admit it! !! !! !! This sound evaluation may be a little bit watery, but I really can’t find many advantages in the sound of this pair of headphones! !! !!

To sum up

This pair of headphones is said to be highly recommended by some ordinary users! The quality of the headphones is very good, and the colors are very beautiful. If you play games such as chicken, K song is also recommended, after all, the price and strength are also there! !! !!

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