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I believe everyone knows that our life and work are inseparable from office stationery. However, when choosing office stationery, many people don’t know how to choose. So, what does office stationery include? How to choose office stationery? Let’s explore the answer together!

What Does Office Stationery Include?

Writing utensils: pencils, pens, etc., paper series: phone books, efficiency manuals, notepads, etc., stationery series: correction fluid, file columns, file bags, key boxes, etc., business cards and graphic series: promotional albums, color pages, hard plastic sleeves, envelopes, etc., office supplies: wallets, mobile phone accessories, towels, etc., financial supplies, conference training supplies, etc.

How To Choose Office Stationery?

When choosing office supplies for students, choose as many colors as possible that are simple in appearance and fragrance-free. Don’t let your children’s personal preferences choose that unique and fragrant stationery. Many stationery is scented, with rubber being the most prominent. These scents are added with fragrances. For children who have not yet fully developed, prolonged exposure has an impact on their health.

The color of the stationery should not be too bright. Brightly colored stationery usually contains heavy metals, which will adversely affect the blood system and bones of the human body. Choosing light-colored stationery can also help children maintain their concentration in class.

The color of the paper should not be too white. Too white will irritate, damage the eyes of students, cause visual fatigue when used, and affect eyesight. Choose yellowish and greenish colors.

When purchasing office equipment such as 3D printers, you should consider the product’s purpose, appearance, and volume. If you plan to buy a commercial product, you should consider the product’s functionality and speed.

Don’t be greedy for cheap, only buy the cheapest, only pay attention to low prices and ignore the quality of the product itself. Buy low-priced products and repair them if there is a quality problem. This wastes time and money. It does not save money but exceeds the previous value of the product. We all know that no matter what stationery we buy, it is definitely best to buy it through formal channels. The price of office stationery sold on the Tomtop website will be more affordable, while the quality is also guaranteed.

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