Why Is My Phone So Slow

When your mobile phone fails and works too slowly, this may be a very uncomfortable thing. After a long period of use, your smartphone will run slower and slower. The following methods can make your phone run faster. To be more fluid. If your smartphone is an Android phone, please use the following method: 1. […]

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How to Connect Phone to Smart TV

The interactive demand of TV, computer and smart phone is getting stronger and stronger. We often need to connect the smart phone to the TV and use the big screen to show some content on the phone or computer. Put the photos, videos, and games on TV screen, the big screen looks more comfortable. The following methods will tell, how to connect […]

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HUAWEI P10 VTR-AL00 Fingerprint Smartphone

Huawei P10 hammer 64M pixels Samsung A71

In the field of information technology, although Moore’s Law has been down for many years, and although it has lasted for more than half a century, the ceiling and bottlenecks of performance growth predicted by Moore’s Law have not yet arrived. (The content of Moore’s Law is: When the price is unchanged, the number of […]

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