Xiaomi Youpin OUDENGJIANG NA Bedside Table Lamp

Xiaomi Youpin shelves bedside lamp: support 360° full touch

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On November 8th, today Tomtop put on a bedside table lamp, two armored, supporting 360° full touch, priced at $169.51.

The appearance of the line is simple, and the outer layer of the lampshade is wrapped in a light and solid color fabric, showing a simple, fresh and original natural beauty. Make your home look quiet and elegant during the day and make your home warm at night. It is mainly made of pure hardware, hand-spinning, trimming, closing, and dusting.

Xiaomi Youpin shelves bedside lamp: support 360° full touch

Built-in touch sensor chip, no delay sensitive touch, the finger touches the lamp holder area to instantly illuminate the desk lamp, the convenient operation of the human lamp interaction, silent and silent when the light is off.

The lamp holder area is the touch area. When the light is off, any 360° stereo surround touch area can be turned on. It is convenient for blind operation at night and bid farewell to the bad experience of finding the switch.

The color temperature of 3000K presents a soft warm yellow tone similar to the setting sun, which creates a soft decorative light for the interior, making the space more warm. Comfortable warm light tones, it is also easy to relax and quickly go to sleep.

International E14 standard lamp holder for incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs or other energy-saving bulbs. In line with the national mandatory 3C certification, high quality insulation, flame retardant and more durable. With 2 3W LED bulbs, low power consumption, each lamp life is 15000h, saving energy and electricity.

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