Xiaomi Youpin Vintage Night Light

The headlights ignite the boring life with the most primitive light source

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Since ancient times, the light source has been a symbol of hope, and the flashing of the candlelight at night can give people a quiet atmosphere. Nowadays, the fast-paced urban life, people are moving daily in neon shadows, in the bustling city, there are very few Kung Fu to create a quiet and peaceful environment.

In fact, the comfortable environment sometimes does not need to be over-arranged. A dimly lit light may make people feel tired and immersed in their own space, and pick up the warm time when they were young.

Today’s protagonist comes from a new light-emitting lamp from Lofi. Lofi’s products have always been loved by users with exquisite and high-profile values. This light-emitting lamp has a retro design style and unique lighting performance has become a A very artistic product.

How to define Lofoy’s products, if it is not enough to use a small fresh literary atmosphere, many people like Lofi’s products because it has a small fresh appearance and incorporates a lot of technology.

The light is given in three colors, red, white and blue. From the packaging point of view, it continues the small and clear design style. The package also comes with a charging base, a lanyard, a manual and a warranty card.

The shape of the light is divided into two parts, the light cover and the light source above, and the base controller below. When the light source is on, the light pick-up light emits an orange light. This kind of light reminds me of the kerosene lamp used by the older generation. The same light is presented by different carriers, which really gives a heavy weight. Pick up the feeling of old time.

The lamp cover of the Lofree light is sleek and transparent. It is made of high-permeability acrylic material and has a light transmittance of up to 95%. In addition, a metal hanging hole is reserved at the top, and the attached lanyard can hang it. The 268g is not too heavy, and the hanging on the door also has a charm.

The base of the Lofree light is also full of texture, with a silver-plated knob in the middle to adjust the brightness of the light source. In addition, a MicroUSB power connector is reserved on the other side of the base, and a light source mode switching button, that is, a candlelight/normal light mode, is provided at the bottom. In the candlelight mode, the Lofree light can be swayed like a candle. When there is a sound source or a blow to the light, the lamppost will flash with the intensity of the airflow, creating a flickering atmosphere. It is like a candle swaying scene, and this function I think is the soul of Lofree’s light.

It is worth mentioning that the charging of Lofree light is also very special. From the bottom, you can see that the Lofree light is reserved with a wireless charging metal ring. With the charging base, you can implement the Lofree light on the charging base. Charging; the other is to charge directly through the MicroUSB charging interface.

The Lofree light has a built-in 2200 mAh lithium battery, and it’s no problem for the entire day.

The 1800K LED light source, plus the gray shade, the Lofree light gives the warm atmosphere. The Lofree light may not illuminate the spacious living room, but it can ignite people’s boring life. In every 2m space in people’s lives, whether it’s a desk or a small rental room, Lofree’s light source uses its original source to illuminate its own space.

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