What To Look For When Shopping For An Air Mattress

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Air mattresses might have a reputation for being about pure convenience, but they’re actually incredibly useful, and modern models have become much more comfortable and practical for use. Whether you’re a young adult who likes to take their air mattress camping or as an extra bed at your buddy’s house, or an older person who may have some back issues, air mattresses can be an accommodating solution for sleep. Some fancy air mattresses even come with attached bed frames now, while others are cheaper than a night at the town’s cheapest motel room. Let’s go over some tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the best air mattress for you.

First up, think about how you’re going to pump it up. Some air mattresses claim that you can blow them up yourself or with a hand pump, but we all know better. Nobody wants to feel like they’re about to pass out from trying to blow up an entire bed; make sure to get yourself an electric air pump. This one is incredibly affordable and has a small, medium, and large nozzle so that you can use it for different devices (anything from balloons to pool toys to mattresses). This will make the whole process a lot simpler for you, which means you might use it more. Thinking about having to blow up your air mattress by hand or mouth could be a deterrent to use it at all. Get the most out of your air mattress and get an electric air pump. You can thank us later.

Next, think about size and use. Is this air mattress for just one person, or a couple? Since air mattresses can vary in firmness based on how inflated their are, their size also changes a bit. If you’re planning on sharing your air mattress with someone else, consider sizing up to make sure you have enough room to be comfortable. If it’s just for one, you can probably get away with an air mattress like this one, which is compact and affordable. If you just plan on using it as an extra bed on the floor of your Airbnb, a normal air mattress will work. If you want to use it in the back of a truck bed, check this one out; it’s more durable and has flaps to line the edges like pillows.

Then, think about any features you may like. Some air mattresses have blue LED lights at the bottom of them, which look really cool and can serve as a nightlight. Other air mattress models have USB charging ports for your phone, tablet, etc. Others on the market even self-inflate! Remember that all of these features will probably cost you a little bit more, so shoot for what’s within your budget.

Finally, consider comfort. There’s no point in getting a great air mattress if the bedding isn’t up to snuff. Make sure you have some good sheets on your air mattress, so that your skin isn’t feeling scratchy and itching all night. And don’t forget the blankets and pillows, as well! That will help prevent you from getting cold. If you do all that and your air mattress is still uncomfortable, consider getting a topper, which can help make your mattress softer and more accommodating to your curves and joints.

If all else fails, maybe you should just get a normal mattress! Air mattresses aren’t everyone’s thing, anyway. Check out this review of the Puffy mattress, which is a soft foam mattress that works for all sleeper types (back, side, stomach, and combo). It has a stain resistant and washable cover which makes it great for throwing in the back of your truck or on the floor to use, because you can always clean it up afterward. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for extra protection. This might be a better solution for when your parents, grandparents, or friend who has a bad back comes over to visit for the weekend, since it’s incredibly comfortable. And because it’s a bed-in-a-box mattress, it’s price is much less than one you would buy from other retailers, such as MattressFirm or Sears.

This post was written by Kelsie Longerbeam, a content editor and sleep enthusiast at the Slumber Yard. The Slumber Yard is a website and Youtube channel that reviews mattresses and sleep accessories.

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