Xiaomi Youpin Line Friends TWS Earphones

Xiaomi Youpin Line Friends co-branded high-value headset

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The author recently saw a figure saying that Airpods sales have exceeded Apple ’s iPod music player sales, becoming the best-selling product after the iPhone.

In fact, the author started to use Bluetooth headsets before Airpods was released, but Airpods has not been used for no reason because it is ugly (absolutely not because I am poor).

Now even iPhone is colorful, why is Apple’s accessories all white?

Isn’t there some good-looking, cute, and high-value accessories?

Unexpectedly, Apple hasn’t come out yet, and Xue Bajun saw it at Xiaomi in the Android camp.

The well-known online celebrity brand LINE FRIENDS has launched a high-value Bluetooth headset, and once logged into Xiaomi Youpin, it has received countless praises and became a crowdfunding explosion.

At first glance, even the rough old men like Xue Bajun feel cute, can’t girls stop it?

In the shape design, the more famous images of Brown Bear and Sally in LINE FRIENDS Earphone are adopted. Not only the color is very pleasing, but also the shape is full of girlish hearts. I am afraid that no one will think of this as a Bluetooth headset when it is taken out on the street.

The earphones inside use a white design, which will be a little low-key compared to the storage box. After all, a pair of colored earphones hanging on the ears are a little too bright for any occasion.

But the designers of LINE FRIENDS still added the faces of Brown Bear and Sally on the basis of white, which will not attract unnecessary attention, and they can see their lovely image every time they turn on the headphones.

As for the Bluetooth headset, Xue Bajun can only quote the words of a well-known entrepreneur: it is not as beautiful as the powerful.

While most Bluetooth headsets are still using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, this Bluetooth headset already uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Compared to Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 5.0 is more stable and less susceptible to interference from WiFi and other Bluetooth signals.

It is also very simple to use, because the earphones are fixed to the storage box by magnetic attraction, so they will not fall off at ordinary times, but they are not laborious when picked up.

Pick up the auto boot, put it back to auto shut off, there is no operation for booting and shutting down.

Each earphone can provide 3.5 hours of playing time. Counting the storage box can play a total of 12 hours, usually enough to go to work.

With a weight as low as 4g, coupled with waterproofing that supports IPX5, you do n’t have to worry about losing it for outdoor or indoor sports.

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