QCY T3 HiFi BT 5.0 Wireless-Earphone Headphone

QCY T3 HiFi BT 5.0 Wireless Earphone Reviews

Video & Audio

Speaking of user experience, my requirements are not high. Anyway, I heard a sound below 10,000 yuan. Looking at the earphones around the price of 100 yuan, it seems that there are not many earphones, and the Edifier tws series are not expensive Less, so for those users who have daily headaches caused by t1, qcy t3 is really worth the price. In terms of sound quality, do n’t be fooled by the posters of qcy. The real user experience is the sound quality of boiled water. There is no low frequency, the voice is jerky, dry, and there is no polish. It is really incomparable with Apple ’s own headphones. After listening to Cai Qin’s ferry, I want to hear how it feels. The result is that the drumming and sinking is obviously not enough, but it just feels stopped when it is tapped, and it is not thick.

To sum up

Advantages: high cost performance, no ear pain after wearing for a long time. Long battery life and waterproof.

Disadvantages: average sound quality

Anyway, I bought it only for the convenience of Bluetooth. Comprehensive consideration is possible. Users who are not in a hurry can wait for t4 at the speed of qcy, which is only two months. It should be better than t3. As for sound quality, it’s really not qcy’s strong point. Listen to the sound quality. Fortunately, on June 1st, it grabbed Dafa 1000xm3 at a very touching price. The noise-cancelling headphones that I have been thinking about for a long time are here. thanks for watching.

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