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QCY T1C playing PUBG games without delay headphones

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Recently, Xiaoquanquan is studying the headphones that play PUBG games without delay. However, the price of some big names is not so expensive that I can accept them, but I am afraid that when I play PUBG games, I will hear the footsteps. . However, Huang Tian did not pay attention to it. Finally, I found a very cost-effective earphone.

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QCY T1C, this is a new product from QCY. It focuses on the intelligent operation experience. Just look at the sales volume and see that the design of T1 Youth Edition is very popular among users. To be honest, at first I didn’t have any hope for this price of 129.9 yuan Bluetooth headset. But the process of use is indeed circled by it!

First, easy to use

It is simply the gospel of lazy cancer patients! It can be automatically turned on when it is taken out of the charging box, and the two headphones can be automatically connected in series, and automatically paired with the mobile phone, eliminating the manual operation steps; when not in use, the charging box is put back, and the earphone automatically shuts down and starts charging. It also relieves the small trouble of forgetting to turn off the power and waste electricity. Almost my mom can use ~~

Second, Raychem chip Bluetooth 5.0

The new REALTE® Bluetooth 5.0 chip is used. Compared with the Bluetooth version 4.2, the power consumption is reduced by 50%, the transmission speed is doubled, and the Hi-Res specification audio playback is supported, regardless of the sound quality. The call effect has reached the maximum optimization, and it is a high-performance TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset.

Third, play PUBG games without delay

Play PUBG games without delay, really play PUBG games without delay! This is simply to blow it up. The last time you used a small punch to blow the word or look at the performance of Charmaine in the Raiders. (Exposing the recent pursuits)

Everyone still has a headset that does not delay PUBG games. Welcome to leave a comment! Don’t tell me if you have more than one thousand yuan.

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