Huawei AM08 Little Swan Bluetooth Speaker Trial

Huawei AM08 Little Swan Bluetooth Speaker Trial

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With the popularity of smart phones, the Bluetooth wireless transmission function has become a must-have feature for mobile phones. As a result, the Bluetooth peripherals of mobile phones have also become popular. Various Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth speakers have appeared on the market. Brand cottage products, there are some well-known brands launched Bluetooth speakers. This trial is the Huawei AM08 Little Swan Bluetooth Speaker from the first-tier domestic mobile phone brand Huawei;


This is a product labeled by Huawei as a “Bluetooth Handsfree Speaker”. It is no different from the Bluetooth speaker function we have seen on the market. It can play music wirelessly through the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, Make an external hands-free amplifier when you enter it; the outstanding advantages of Huawei AM08 Little Swan Bluetooth speaker are its low price and good appearance; this is a stylish Bluetooth speaker with a lot of color choices, rough calculations have There are more than five kinds of color matching. The products we got in this trial alone have a variety of color matching. It is suitable for users who have different needs for color. There is always one color that is your favorite. The appearance of the speaker mimics the shape of a swan, with an elegant appearance design. In terms of functions, it can be used as a speakerphone for mobile phone music with the Bluetooth pairing link of the mobile phone. It is no problem to enjoy music and speakerphone, and the sound is thick. The price of the product is low, and it can be easily started only in the early hundred yuan.

In addition to the elegant appearance, I personally think that this product is more in terms of functional price compromise; the function button area at the top uses touch operation, and the top area of ​​the link uses a single-sided pillar support, material It should be plastic. Actually, it ca n’t be considered too stable. When you press “Volume-” in the file operation, the top area will sink significantly, and the support is not very good. In addition, the USB interface design should use a dust cover, which can prevent the USB interface from being constantly exposed to the air to prevent oxidation; the two with the dust cover will not destroy the body consistency of the “Little Swan”, and the overall appearance will be more Beauty; female voice prompts will appear during operations such as booting and connecting successfully. This design is offensive to me. The volume of this voice is not adjustable. When it is used in the office, it will easily affect other people. How can the female voice appear in the speaker also appear in Huawei products?

Taken together, based on its price of $ 24.41, I can still forgive these shortcomings.

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