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TIMEROLLS NUT series twelve-corner quartz watch experience

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Whether it is just entering the school or entering the workplace, a simple and stylish watch is very necessary. It is not only a companion who keeps track of the time, but also a personal decoration that shows personal taste. Today I want to bring you the new NUT series twelve-angle quartz watch of the new TIMEROLLS that has just been launched on Xiaomi, such as the minimalist style + twelve-corner dial, the three-hand calendar window and the design of the 45-degree crown. More, and the price is only $48.14. Very suitable for personal use or giving away, let’s take a quick look at the outstanding features of this distinctive watch:

As always, the packaging of the watch follows the simple style of long “milk white”, which is full of “good” style. However, the difference is that it is not a simple corrugated box, but adopts the design of the inner and outer boxes, and the box painting is also differentiated. The former is a line drawing dial, while the latter is intaglio. It highlights the unique shape of the watch’s twelve corners.

Turn to the back of the outer box to see the detailed parameter information: as the second quartz watch of TIMEROLLS (the first is the COB time trajectory table), the producer is still Shenzhen Matcha Technology, and the movement is also Nissan, which is Meiyou. Up to the original, Dai Watch’s friends are no strangers to this movement. The Citizen MIYOTA movement is excellent in terms of stability, accuracy, durability and reliability, and it is also easy to maintain. In other respects, the stainless steel case, 50 meters waterproof, performance is still good.

The inner box is a magnetic flip cover. After unfolding, there will be a picture when the crown is adjusted and some precautions, which is equivalent to the manual. And our “protagonist” is looming like a half-cover, waiting for us to lift the veil.

The full name of the watch is “NUT Series Twelve-Angle Quartz Watch”, and there are two colors of inkstone black and ice crystal white. In addition to the dial, the color of the strap is also different, namely night black and sapphire. As a man, I chose a low-key calm black.

This “twelve corners” uses the same minimalist design as the “COB” that I started before. The difference is that the COB is a double pointer, and the twelve corners are equipped with a second hand, and a calendar window is added. The viewing time is accurate to the second, and “always remember”.

The strap of the watch is quick-release (open and close ears), without any tools, it can be easily replaced by simple mating, the standard strap is black leather, and there are no common stitches in the details. The strap has a total of 11 holes, which is convenient for different wrists to adjust freely (wrist range is 155-220mm), and has strong adaptability. After experiencing it, it was slightly hard at first, but it had a good feel. After wearing it, the elasticity was moderate and it was still very comfortable.

The dial is still relatively large, the size is 40 * 7mm, and its lens is made of synthetic sapphire. At the same time, it is sturdy and wear-resistant. At the same time, the light transmission is good. The addition of the three hands + calendar window allows minutes and seconds to be mastered, and important moments should not be missed.

The reason for the name “twelve corners” is that there is a reason. Looking closely at the outer frame of the dial will reveal that it is not smooth and rounded in general watches at the same time. The hour corresponds. Seen from different angles, the light and dark sides of each side are in harmony, and there is a lot of cleverness in it. It is reported that its inspiration comes from the nuts on the production line. This can’t help but reminiscent of the classic “Modern Age” of Chaplin’s generation in the silent film era. Everyone is a small screw in this large social environment. Pulling away, the appearance of the dial is unique and still very eye-catching.

Close-up of the protruding label crown with nameplate LOGO: As mentioned earlier, the watch case is made of stainless steel, and the built-in battery can last about 3 years. The dial has a 50-meter water resistance, which is very rare. Many watches generally only support 30-meter water resistance. This means that in daily life and work, you do not have to take off your watch when washing your hands and cleansing your face, and outdoor rain is not afraid.

Of course, as a watch for commuting, the luminous hands are very necessary. And this is also the consistent pursuit of TIMEROLLS, whether it is the previous COB, or this twelve corners, are available. Regardless of day and night, check and know the time at any time.

There are many different points of the watch. For example, the position of the crown is at a lower 45-degree angle. This has the advantage that it can eliminate the influence of the back of the hand when the crown is worn at the 3 o’clock position.

The combination of the concentric curved surface dial and the twelve corner frame complements each other. It is both tender and sturdy. If there is a good saying, a good product must be “simple but not simple”. It is true.

Summary: Xiaomi has a new watch that has always had a “flavor” in design, and this is also true of this “12-corner” quartz watch produced by TIMEROLLS. Simple but not plain, angular but not rough, a little detail is worth in-depth experience. The selling price of two hundred yuan is approachable. Whether you wear it yourself or give it to a boy or girlfriend, it is a recommended choice!

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