QCY T3 HiFi BT 5.0 Wireless-Earphone Headphone

Reviews of people share their feelings QCY T3 true wireless Bluetooth headset

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Sound effect: This level should have no noise appearance material: good appearance material is also good to wear feeling: wearing very comfortable is not worse than Apple’s battery life: battery life has not tried should not be bad other features: link speed is really fast this price The price is very good.

The whole earphone is very small, and one hand is easy to hold, and it is not in the way. I really like this earphone. It is very comfortable to wear in the semi-in-ear style. It is much more comfortable than the general in-ear type, and it is also touch-operated. It is not necessary to press the song and adjust the volume. It is very convenient to slide it gently. It is very convenient. The new product experience is super strong, and the same price is invincible.

It can be similar to Apple’s earphones, there is no delay in stimulating the battlefield game, the price is not expensive, the function is almost the same, very good. It took two or three days to use, it was quite good, the customer service was cute, and the good one was a mess, really good.

Wearing comfort is good, the sound is also satisfactory, I hope to improve the delay a little, then it is more perfect!

I just bought a mini QCY 2s single earphone and it feels good. This time I saw the June 1 event and launched a new product without hesitation. This t3 new product is very comfortable after wearing the ear, and the left and right headphones have better sound effects.

Early adopters bought QCY t3, and there is a gap between the imagination (expected a bit too high), but there are also surprises, overall satisfaction, this price value

Sound effect: Do not play the game, watch the video basically no delay, the sound quality is good in QCY. Wearing feeling: wearing no feeling, very light and cost-effective, because of qcy’s reputation and sales, I am willing to do this new mouse, the price is very satisfactory, spent one-sixth of the price of airpods, bought basically the same Experience!

Sound effect: In line with expectations, the Bluetooth headset at this price is too boring to ask for sound quality. The appearance of the material: the standard, the mold line, the gap in the acceptable range of wearing feeling: before the T1, because it is half-ear, T3 is wearing It’s really better than T1. It’s not a lot of pressure to wear it for a long time. Even if it’s not too intense, it’s not enough. Long-distance running has not tried the endurance: no special test, long time wear Less, there is a battery box to escort, daily use is no problem. Other features: Occasionally, the left ear will be disconnected, and you can reconnect yourself in a few seconds, not too often. In addition, after the first connection, there is only a sound in the right ear, and then it is normal after reconnecting. I don’t know why.

I experienced more than two hours in the afternoon and talked about feelings. The first is comfort, thanks to the semi-in-ear design, it is much more comfortable than airdots. Sound quality, the maximum volume is higher than airdots. Standby, 50% left in more than two hours, a single five-hour battery life should not be a problem. Overall, value for money is worth a try. Special thanks to the beauty of the after-sales, there is a question and answer.

Perfectly compatible with Apple phones, the control function is very convenient, the sound quality is OK, listening to music is very good.

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