What is the magic function of the TV box?

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A network television set-top box is a device that looks similar to a home broadband cat. It connects the network to the TV. If the network cable is installed in the home, simply unplug the network cable from the router, and then plug it into the network set-top box to achieve online on-demand, live online, online search for various domestic satellite TV stations, encryption stations, overseas movie stations, viewing value, use Convenient and cheap, it is very suitable for satellite TV interference areas, rural areas. Today, more and more users are using smart TV set-top boxes. The rich content and simple operation of the TV box has become a chasing artifact for many users. However, many people think that network set-top boxes are just for convenience, comfort and smoothness. Video viewing experience; no, network set-top boxes have a lot of useful features that everyone will ignore.MX9 Pro Android 7.1 TV Box RK3328 2G + 16G BT 4.0
1. HD playback, network connection: The reason why the high-definition player has the word “HD” is because it can play HD movies, and can also use network resources (video, pictures, text information), etc., so the network TV box is generally Equipped with high-definition processing chip wired interface and network cable WIFI network card, convenient for users to access the Internet.
2. TV display: The word “television” in the name means that the TV box is mainly displayed on the TV. The network TV set-top box can not only connect to high-definition HDMI data lines, but also connect to traditional three-color AV lines. The compatibility is relatively strong. .
3. External devices: Rich external device expansion interface, can connect mouse and keyboard, camera, game console, external storage (U disk, SD card and hard disk).
There are many different TV box brands and types on the market. MX9 Pro Android 7.1 TV Box RK3328 2G + 16G BT 4.0 is one of the most popular brands. MX9 Pro – High performance Android TV box designed for entertaining life. It can change your traditional TV, LCD monitor or projector with HD input port to a multimedia center via a connection to the Internet (via WiFi or RJ45), just like a computer. It combines the Internet with traditional TV to create a new entertainment system that allows you to enjoy video, music, photos and more.
Its powerful function, H.265 hardware decoding can save 50% of bandwidth resources, and support VP9 decoding, allowing you to smoothly watch 4K movies. The 4K 1080i / P resolution is 4 times that of Full HD, so every detail of the screen is clear. At the same time, it also supports 4K Ultimate HD video hardware decoding. Make HDR on your TV more realistic, better contrast, better color and better brightness. 2GB DDR3 memory with 16GB eMMC ROM provides plenty of room for fast boot and operation of applications and games, expands storage to 32GB, and greatly increases the reliability of your TV box and prevents memory shortages collapse. Powerful WiFi signals and BT 4.0 technology ensure high signal transmission at high quality and speed. It also supports languages ​​of the OSD type: English/French/German/Spanish/Italian, Japanese and other 24 languages.With this perfect TV box, you can watch movies at home and enjoy a visual feast. Whether you are the whole family or the whole family, this TV box can be a good place for recreation.MX9 Pro Android 7.1 TV Box RK3328 2G + 16G BT 4.0

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