Xiaomi QCY T3 BT Wireless TWS Earbuds Review

Xiaomi QCY T3 BT Wireless TWS Earbuds Review

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I compared QCY T1 and Redmi AirDots two months ago and QCY T1 worked fine. Now, I have the latest QCY headphones, called QCY T3 TWS BT headphones. QCY T3 looks completely different from QCY T1. What is the performance of QCY T3? Let’s take a look at this review.


The QCY T3TWS headphones are semi-in-ear headphones, which are completely different from the in-ear and round design of QCY T1. The design of the QCY T3 is similar to that of the Apple AirPods, except that it has a half-ear component. QCY T3 is a high gloss black with a beautiful appearance. Compared to QCY T1, I think T3 is more comfortable. It is light and ergonomic, it adapts perfectly to the ear and the ear does not feel pressure when used. Headphones do not fall out when used in daily life. In addition, I use them for sports such as running and cycling, and they don’t fall out of my ears.

QCY T3 uses a touch device to facilitate the operation of the headphones. You can use the touch bar to perform many operations, such as volume control, skip audio tracks forward / backward, on / off, voice assistant, etc. During playback, you can slide up or down on the touch bar to control the volume. Touch the bar on the right / left headphones for 2 seconds to skip tracks forward / backward during playback. You can get more operation details in the user manual.

The QCY T3 TWS headphones come with a charging case that is smaller than the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots and lighter than the QCY T1. Like most TWS headphone charging cases, the QCY T3 charging case comes with a charging port and an LED indicator. Unlike headphones, the charging case is matte and feels good.


I have always expected the sound quality of the QCY T3, but after the tests, I was a bit disappointed by the bass mode and the details of the headphones. The QCY T3 headphones stand out in popular songs in surround sound mode. In high tones, the amount of distortion is barely audible. It is better not to listen to dance music and electronic music in surround mode, as this is hard. I don’t like the bass, but the QCY T3’s bass mode is poor and the dull sound is poor.

Overall, I think the sound quality of QCY T3 is average. If you are passionate about popular songs, this is a good option.


The QCY T3 TWS headphones are each powered by 60 mAh, and the battery capacity of the charging case is 600 mAh. It can be used for 5 to 6 hours on a single charge, which is sufficient for daily use. For me, I usually charge the case every three days.


The QCY T3 TWS headphones are lightweight, comfortable and easy to remove. In addition, the operation of the touch bar is easy to learn. If you are passionate about popular songs, choose QCY T3. If you like bass, QCY T1 should be more suitable for you.

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