UiiSii BA-T8 Headphones

UiiSii BA-T8 double moving coil in-ear remote control headset

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Listening to the UiiSii BA-T8 double-acting in-ear earphone has been nearly a month, BURN-IN is also more than 150 hours, let us take a look at this high CP value headphones.

First, the official introduction

At the beginning, let’s take a look at the official introduction, which is convenient for comparing with the later experience.

▲ First of all, the introduction of the earphone material, the so-called PEEK (polyetheretherketone, polyetheretherketone), using PU + PEEK, can be regarded as one of the black technology.

UiiSii BA-T8 is only a double moving coil, no moving iron unit, other designs should be the same.

▲ button durability, it seems to have been rigorously tested.

▲The wearing is also specially designed by angle, which should be more convenient to wear.

▲ The main specifications, 32 ohms, should be easy to push the general mobile phone.

Second, UiiSii BA-T8 products out of the box

New things are still coming out of the box, let’s take a look at the story.

▲It adopts side-opening packaging, red and black color matching, adding a sense of technology.

▲ boxed back, there is a product introduction, mainly in English, but the headset should be used without much explanation.

▲The interior is divided into different categories. Everything has a small box loading, which is very delicate.

▲ Main contents, in addition to UiiSii BA-T8, there are three additional sets of earplugs, earphone bags and simple instructions.

▲The accessories are completely disassembled, and the texture of the earphone bag is not bad, and it will not be too big.

▲ Look at the UiiSii BA-T8 body, pick up the piano paint, gold-plated headphone, and attach the wire to the devil.

▲Wire control part, with earphones, earphones, plastic table.

▲ Look at the UiiSii BA-T8 on the two sides at a close distance. You can see that the headphones are divided into two halves, and the exterior is painted with a transparent black plastic.

▲ Look at the transparent black plastic part at a close distance and you can see the double moving ring.

Third, the actual listening

Since the UiiSii BA-T8 is priced at 1,000 yuan, the mid-range mobile phone red rice NOTE3 is also used for audition. The music source is mainly KKBOX. The main one is the rice tone tuning software, while the latter has the DTS sound effect, which can be tested and experienced.

The main shared music, mainly for some classic and often listening music, is also easier to compare. Appreciation of the song includes Adele’s Hello and Skyfall, mainly in vocals. Toto’s Africa and Eagles’ Hotel California mainly listen to a variety of instruments and soundtracks, while the latter’s drum sound can also test the bass. Shakira’s WakaWaka can have a comprehensive performance. Classical music with Moza. In addition, there is no party in the recent Golden Song award-winning, Sangbuyi’s album – Qi Gan, Wu Yi nail flower and so on.

1, instrument sound: the sound of various instruments is still clear, there is no feeling of mixing together.

2, vocal: performance in the law, the voice is clear, the treble will not be harsh.

3, heavy bass: This should be the UiiSii BA-T8 strengths, you can feel the strong bass when you listen, the space is good, the low BASS sound will not die, the thick feeling is strong.

  1. In general, the fullness of the bass is very suitable for those who like the bass. One of the purposes of the double moving circle is to create more sense of space, and the UiiSii BA-T8 also achieves this purpose. Through the peripheral display of the bass, you can still clearly hear the performance of the middle and high notes. It is very good for the role positioning of the mobile phone headset.

Fourth, personal feelings

  1. In terms of outer packaging: for wired headphones below 1,000 yuan, it has a very delicate feeling and adds value.

2, as far as accessories are concerned: very complete and practical, there are all.

3, in terms of loading comfort: special angle design, but it is easier to wear when wearing.

4, in terms of design: red and black, piano paint, is a general and generous design.

5, on the phone corner design: with wire control design and MIC, call, tuning, control is convenient.

6, in terms of listening to the feeling: the sense of hearing is very different, it is recommended to try and listen to it. However, with the above analysis, it can be seen that the bass is thick, the space is good, and the mouth treble is OK. It should be a pertinent conclusion. And because the default bass of the headphones is already strong, it is better to turn off the tuning effects as mentioned above.

Overall, if the level of the thousand yuan headphones, UiiSii BA-T8 does not have many shortcomings, hard to say, may be slightly more plastic, but considering its price, may not be too picky.

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