Sabbat X12 Pro Wireless Earbuds 5.0 Girl

With these four headphones, have a good day for each anniversary with a girlfriend!

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Sabbat X12 Pro

As a Bluetooth headset beginner, I still recommend this. The innovative chip technology and sound quality are the highlights.

In addition, it also has other split Bluetooth headsets that support Bluetooth 5.0. The color scheme is very diverse, especially the so-called magic feast Sabbat X12 pro, which is said to start from the face value, and the girl powder is very cute.


This is the most anticipated headset in the recent past. crowdfunding completed the goal on the first day and doubled it the next day. Upgrading, in the appearance and the brand’s consistent impression has been strongly removed, “Mengwu under the German system” is worth looking forward to.


This Sudio NIVA can be said to be an ultra-high-quality and high-quality Bluetooth headset on the INS. It can be said that it has made countless sisters love at first sight! The charging compartment is very textured, the battery is durable and easy to carry. There are three different size earplugs with in-ear design, you can find the right earplugs according to your ear size.

1MORE Stylish

1MORE Stylish true wireless headphones, meet the new features of low power consumption, long operation, high sound quality, etc. of true wireless products. With a strong power reserve for up to 24 hours. Supports high-definition AAC and aptX audio technology to achieve CD-level sound quality. The 7mm dynamic coil unit is customized to fit in the ear-type earphone. The titanium composite diaphragm is used to take into account the rich details and solid bass.

I think about Valentine’s Day for every lover. It is very necessary to give a little interesting personal products!

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