HUAWEI Honor Earphone AM115 Wired Half In-ear Headset

Buy Honor Play 6A High Edition with AM115 Headset


Since the launch of Honor Play 6A, with the eight-core chip, 3GB large storage, EMUI 5.1 system’s smooth operation, long-life battery and excellent quality has won widespread recognition from consumers. On July 19, the Honor Play 6A blue version will be officially available for purchase on major platforms, bringing a refreshing blue to the summer; in addition, from July 18 to July 20, purchase Honor Play 6A The higher version also gets Huawei AM115 headphones.

New color scheme / excellent feel

The front of the Honor Play 6A is equipped with a 5.0-inch high-definition large screen, and the built-in eye protection mode effectively relieves eye fatigue; the back adopts the much-loved metal body design and obtains a delicate satin-like touch through the flexible sandblasting process. The Bezier curve on the back of the fuselage is ergonomic and fits snugly against the palm of your hand. In addition, just as the sky is rising, the new blue version brings a visually fresh feeling. With the excellent feel of Honor Play 6A, it is definitely a must-have in summer.

Eight-core processor and EMUI 5.1 smooth experience

In terms of configuration, Honor Play 6A is equipped with an eight-core processor, 3GB / 2GB of running memory, and is equipped with EMUI 5.1 developed based on Android 7.0. 90% of the operations can be reached in three steps. The exclusive developed Ultra Memory technology reasonably allocates mobile phone resources and super fast memory Recycling, increase efficiency by 20%; background memory compression, compression ratio is greater than 50%; intelligent CPU scheduling, to ensure that common applications run preferentially. Therefore, playing Glory 6A with Glory is totally no card and has a smooth experience comparable to 4GB of memory. In addition, the Honor Play 6A has 32GB / 16GB storage space and supports 128GB capacity expansion. It is not a worry to install applications and take photos.

In terms of photography, Honor Play 6A is equipped with 13 million + 5 million cameras, and the beauty of the picture is all set. In terms of battery life, Honor Play 6A is set at 3020mAh, which can watch 12 hours of video and 57 hours of music. It is still guaranteed after 800 full charge and discharge 80% battery capacity, the battery is still durable after two years of use by ordinary users. In terms of network standards, Honor Play 6A supports dual-card dual-standby full Netcom, mobile VoLTE technology, and high-definition calling has always been the strength of Honor mobile phones.

On July 19, the Honor Play 6A blue version was officially launched on major platforms. Judging from the previous sales of Honor Play 6A, it has been well received, with a positive rate of 98% in JD. 4.8 points, if you also want to experience the smooth experience of this thousand yuan entry machine, remember to set an alarm clock purchase. In addition, from July 18th to 20th, the purchase of Honor Play 6A high-match version and AM115 headset donated, don’t miss it.

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