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Sabbat X12 Pro TWS true wireless headset experience

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I loved the audio network Editor before and after a total of dozens of TWS true wireless headphones, and then found that it is basically Bluetooth 4.2 version, there is no ATPX, the price is basically high. Today, Editor got this Sabbat X12 Pro headset, supports Bluetooth 5.0, uses Riich’s TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset solution, and the price is very high. The small series that used to deal with computer accessories in the past is clear. Realtek is a sound card manufacturer. Basically, the integrated sound card on the motherboard is using Raychem.

In the past, TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset solution presents CBA (Qualcomm CSR, BES Hengxuan, AIROHA network) true wireless Bluetooth audio CBA three-point situation, huge volume in the field of sound card and other multimedia and wireless chips REALTEK Realtek is about to start from Bluetooth 5.0, entering the white-hot market of TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset, and recently Editor found a TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset solution using Realtek at Computex2018 Taipei Computer Show. TWS Bluetooth headset Sabbat X12 Pro, so I can’t wait to get it back and experience it.

The Sabbat Magic Banquet X12 Pro has a variety of color schemes in a graffiti style.
The Sabbat Magic Banquet X12 Pro supports Bluetooth 5.0, and the battery capacity in the headset is 60mAh.
The Sabbat Magic Banquet X12 Pro is the slogan that is too reluctant, less frivolous, and alive, highlighting that it is a younger headset.
Take out the outer packaging, inside is a rhombic textured carton, beautiful workmanship. The Sabbat Magic Banquet’s LOGO is inspired by the Goatman, a demonic family of the Moon in the Diablo series. It is a rock-and-roll temperament.

On the back of the inner packaging, there is manufacturer information of this earphone, manufactured by Shenzhen Magic Feast Technology Development Co., Ltd.
The lid was tightly packed, and it was opened with a little force, and a large manual was seen inside. There is a logo of the Sabbat.
Looking through it, the instructions are not only as simple as the product description, but also introduce the various colors of the product.
The inside of the package is protected by a thick foam earphone, and the graffiti style of the earphone can be seen to be consistent with that on the box. The Sabbat Magic Banquet has different outer packagings for different color earphones, which is very careful in this regard.
In the small carton on the inside of the package, there are many accessories, such as ear supports, small cloth bags and so on.
The Sabbat Magic Banquet X12 Pro is a half-ear earphone with two openings for each sound hole.
From the front, the box of this earphone is designed to be relatively simple, and it is a model of international big name.
After opening the lid, the earphone is lying flat in the box, and the back cover of the headphone graffiti style can be seen immediately. The color design is very suitable for the aesthetics of young people.
The graffiti looks more cool from a close look. The middle Sabbat magic banquet is a multi-function button.
A metal hinge and Micro USB charging port can be seen on the back of the headset.
The earphone box has a beautiful headphone compartment, and the 2pin contacts are used to charge the headphones.
In the case of a semi-in-ear earphone, a colleague who achieves a sound effect similar to that of the in-ear type can avoid an uncomfortable situation in which the air pressure inside and outside the ear is not the same.

Say sound quality, Sabbat X12 Pro bass can be, there is a certain amount. There is no noise, the human voice is transparent, clean, the high frequency is not harsh, the resolution has a certain degree, and it belongs to the earphones.
I love the audio network using ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT001 for charging tests.

Finally, I love the audio network to offer a look at the three color schemes of this headset.

Stylish, transparent, pure white color, there is always a favorite.
The Sabbat Magic Banquet X12 Pro uses a 14mm diameter bio-kinetic moving coil. After repeated experimentation of the cavity structure, the senior tuner, who has worked as a major factory tuner, personally tunes, achieving the effect of high, medium and low triple frequency equalization. With the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, it has higher transmission speed, stronger stability and longer transmission distance than previous products, allowing users to feel the immersive audio effects at any time.

I love the audio network summary:

  1. The Sabbat Magic Banquet X12 Pro adopts Realtek’s true wireless Bluetooth headset solution, which is very fast when pairing, almost seconds;
  2. using a semi-in-ear design, can avoid the many discomfort brought by the in-ear headphones;
  3. the sound quality on the three-band balance, resistant to hearing.

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