HUAWEI CM510 Mini Speaker

Huawei mini speaker listed: use is very small

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In mid-June, Huawei quietly listed a very small, very convenient Bluetooth audio – Huawei CM510, its thick bass effect and the waterproof performance of the body, let me feel the progress of technology, let us analyze here together What are the benefits of it?

I still prefer purple in my own way, and my little speaker is very novel after I get it. The design of the packaging box is similar to other Huawei products. It is mainly white and then in the middle. The picture of the sound, in addition to the model and main features, the design is very simple and clear at a glance.

I didn’t feel great when I took the small sound out of the box, but it still made me amazing when I used it. The built-in 3W full-range speaker, the unimaginable loud volume is emitted from a small volume, and it is built-in. Microphone function, voice call is also very easy, and the bass diaphragm design is added to the bottom of the sound, deeply embossing the low-pitched sound texture, and the high-quality sound released is very attractive.

Secondly, it is connected by mobile phone Bluetooth. There is no wire binding. It is very convenient to use. It is equipped with a high-performance lithium battery. The music enjoys more than 4 hours. After booting, double-click the audio button to enter the dual-sound mode pairing. You can also enjoy stereo effects at home, and there is really no choice.

The main reason for letting me choose it is because of the small and exquisite figure, there is no palm, it is very convenient to carry, and its body supports IP52 waterproof. Off, very intimate, very practical overall feeling.

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