How to Connect A Bluetooth Speaker?

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How to connect a Bluetooth speaker? With the increasing popularity of smart devices, the way people listen to music is also changing. But at home, if you want to hear louder and more beautiful music, there will be a speaker, and now the more popular speakers are also connected to Bluetooth. So will you use Bluetooth speakers? If you can’t use it, the following content will help you.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a mobile phone?

First, turn on the power of the BlueTooth speaker and the indicator light will light up.

Second, find the Bluetooth logo of the mobile phone and turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone.

Third, at this time, the mobile phone will automatically detect the available Bluetooth devices around.

Fourth, after the speaker device is detected, click to start pairing. It may take a few seconds to successfully pair.

Fifth, just choose a piece of music to play on the phone.

How to connect a bluetooth speaker to a laptop?

The method of connecting a bluetooth speaker to a laptop is similar to connecting a mobile phone.

First, turn on the Bluetooth switch in the laptop and wait for the laptop to automatically search for Bluetooth devices.

Second, click the drive system to automatically install the Bluetooth device to play music. If you cannot install the Bluetooth device, you need to download the “Bluetooth Driver” to successfully install the Bluetooth device.

How to connect a bluetooth speaker to a desktop computer?

First, the Bluetooth connection of the desktop computer requires the purchase of a “Bluetooth Adapter”.

Second, then plug it into the USB port of the computer, and the computer will automatically install the drive system.

Third, after installation, the operation steps for connecting the Bluetooth speaker to the laptop are the same.

Fourth, after the Bluetooth adapter detects the speaker device, it can be connected, and the audio file can be played after the connection is successful.

Why can’t the Bluetooth speaker connect successfully?

First, the mobile phone or tablet can search for the Bluetooth speaker, but it prompts that it cannot be connected after selection: 1. Connect the Bluetooth speaker to other devices and see if there is a problem with the speaker. 2. Check whether the Bluetooth software has been installed recently. If so, it is recommended to uninstall it. 3. Restore the phone to factory settings.

Second, the laptop or desktop computer can search for the Bluetooth speaker, but after selecting it, it prompts that it cannot be connected: first confirm that the Bluetooth of the computer is turned on, and the Bluetooth is normal, and turn on the switch of the Bluetooth speaker.

Other reasons: 1. System problem, reinstall the system. 2. Bluetooth failure, replace the Bluetooth adapter. 3. The distance between the Bluetooth speaker and the terminal is relatively long, and the signal is not strong. 4. The motherboard is faulty, replace the motherboard.

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