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Viomi’s new water bar makes drinking hot water easier

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The hot summer is coming, the body’s water loss is faster, whether it is to drink cold water or hot water, hydrating is essential. In fact, not only in the summer, we should ensure sufficient water consumption every day, which can effectively promote the metabolic cycle. According to the results of scientific research, adults should at least guarantee a drinking capacity of about 2 liters a day.

For those who love tea or coffee and like to drink hot water, they can drink water at the right temperature at any time. Don’t wait for the water to boil, and avoid the old drinking water. A hot water dispenser can actually satisfy demand. I recently experienced a Viomi Hot Water 2.0 (2L) version.

I have experienced the Viomi X5 water dispenser (400G). It belongs to the water purifier-type hot water dispenser. It needs to connect the tap water pipe and the indwelling waste pipe, preferably placed near the kitchen. And this Viomi hot water bar is a desktop water dispenser, no need to connect water pipes.

Compared to Viomi X5 and Viomi, the hot water version 4.0, the 2.0 version is smaller (282125297mm) easier to place, and the body is light, and it is convenient for girls to take it. The white body can be used in a variety of home environments or work environments, and can be used in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, etc. Simple and fresh in the eyes.

The water tank cover is easy to add water when it is short of water, and it can be directly added to the water tank.

Of course, it is also possible to remove the water tank and directly fill the drinking water. The design of the snap-type split box takes this into consideration. It is easy to take and install, and it can be easily completed with one button.

Viomi, the hot water bar version 2.0, has a nominal volume of 2L. The water level can be clearly seen through the matte textured German imported AS material transparent water tank. It is recommended to add more than 0.5L of water and no more than 2.2L. The suspension float inside the tank will return to the lowest water level to prevent dry burning. There is also a tank water level sensor that intelligently monitors the water level.

Viomi, the hot water bar, recommends using pure water, like a straight drinking fountain in the community, bottled water purchased, and bottled purified water. It is not recommended to use tap water. For example, the tap water of the author’s home has a TDS value of 280. If the water quality is not good, there will be scale when used for a long time. The two will cause the water outlet to gradually block, and the service life of the heating component may be shortened.

If there is a RO type water purifier in the home, it is also possible to use purified water after filtration. If you want a machine with both clean water and hot, consider Viomi X1, X3, X5 one second hot (kitchen), the price is relatively higher.

That is, the hot water bar outlet is also provided with a red silicone cover. When not in use, the water outlet can be fastened to keep the water outlet clean and healthy. Viomi means that the hot water bar adopts thick film and instant heat technology, and the swirling type is hot water road, which can be evenly heated around 360°, which is more efficient than the quartz tube type water heater, and the temperature is even and stable. The power is 2100W, and the hot water is ready to use, no need to wait.

Intimate anti-scalding tips, a detail, showing care.

The hollow drain pan is also a white integrated color tone, which is convenient for picking up water droplets or overflowing water after taking water.

The detachable buckle design is easy to use and can be used immediately after lifting.

The hollowed out part of the drain pan is also detachable and easy to clean after skimming.

The 7-key panel is touch-sensitive. For those who are accustomed to using a smart phone, the operation is not a problem. The minimalist design allows the elderly to operate easily.

5-speed temperature button, which is normal temperature, 50 °C, 80 °C, 90 °C, fresh water level, can be adjusted according to daily needs. The following are the recommended temperatures for the five gears.

Normal temperature: suitable for daily hydration and direct drinking.

50 ° C: suitable for brewing milk powder, honey water, etc. need moderate temperature.

80 ° C: suitable for brewing coffee, green tea and other drinks.

90 ° C: suitable for brewing black tea and flower tea.

Fresh boiled water: suitable for oolong tea, it is also suitable for you to make a face at home.

The water capacity can be selected as a cup (250ML), which is just the right size for a normal glass or mug. A 2L water tank just meets the needs of 8 glasses of water a day. After selecting the capacity, touch the water drop icon in the middle of the panel, and the icon will turn blue to effluent. If you do not select a fixed capacity, the water output is limited to 1 minute, and the water will be automatically stopped when it arrives. You can also take it with you and how much you use.

If you have children in your home, you can set the child lock function. At the same time, press the water level button and the lock button to instantly activate the child lock function to protect your child from burns.

When the child lock function is turned on, the red indicator light is on. In fact, if the panel is not operated after taking water, the panel will automatically lock to the child lock mode after 30 seconds. If you need more temperature functions, you can consider Viomi Smart Hot Water Bar 1A (4L) version, which supports networked intelligent control, you can use the mobile app to customize the temperature.

Viomi is a hot water bar 2.0, suitable for one person to go to the nine-to-five dwelling family, work hard, soak a cup of aromatic coffee and relax.

Viomi is hot water bar 2.0, also suitable for three or five colleagues and friends to drink, soaking herbal tea, snacks to snack, road gossip, ease work pressure.

In fact, whether it is living alone, drinking, or drinking alone, the 2.0 version of the hot water bar can be a one-off. It can also be used for milking, tea, coffee, and drinking. Hungry noodles can also be used. The small figure just meets the amount of water for one day, and I want to drink it at any time. I think this kind of free-spirited mood is the most suitable for the world.

Do you want to have a drink?

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