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“The sun is shining, the flowers are laughing at me.” In the blink of an eye, the summer vacation is coming. I want to go out to play with my little baby at home. How about a pair of sunshade sunglasses? Fashionable children’s sunglasses can be said to be one of the must-have items for children’s sun protection. In addition to dressing up and playing handsome, it can also protect children’s eyes from ultraviolet rays and glare.

Enjoy the holidays, and say goodbye

Bao Dabao mothers should know that ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to the eyes. Eyes exposed to the sun for a long time may cause various serious eye diseases such as corneal injury and decreased vision. Related studies have shown that the perspective of children’s eye lens is more than three times that of adults! If your child’s eyes are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time without any protective measures, they will definitely increase the risk of cataracts or other eye diseases.

In order to let children enjoy a happy holiday, it is very important to give children’s eyes a “sun protection” in the hot summer days, especially for children who like to play outdoors for a long time. Sun-protected children’s sunglasses are even more essential.

The good news is coming! XiaoMi TS Children’s Sunglasses designed for children aged 4-12 are now officially on the line. This TS children’s sunglasses is specially designed for children’s eyes. It uses TAC polarized lenses. This material has excellent optical properties, which can effectively resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes, and also block glare and reduce visual fatigue. The eyes feel more comfortable.

·Colorful beauty mirror, let children do sunshine children

Do not think that children do not understand fashion, their pursuit of beauty can not lose adults. I want to please the child’s favor, the color is of course the first. The child’s heart is as pure as water, and the perception of color is more sensitive. Orange, green, and pink are three colors that children particularly like. Bright colors always attract more attention. TS children’s sunglasses are available in three colors, vibrant orange, fresh green, and princess powder. Which one is your child’s heart?

The difference is that most of the design of fancy children’s sunglasses, TS children’s sunglasses abandoned the cumbersome and useless design, return to the essence of sunglasses, a large area of ​​cat glasses frame design, to give children’s eyes more comprehensive protection. The coating process specially used for the lens not only makes the color of the lens more beautiful, but also full of fashion sense, and also improves the stain resistance of the lens. The cartoon frame shape makes the children love it.

The stylish and beautiful TS children’s sunglasses protect the children’s sunshine journey, and easily block harmful light such as ultraviolet rays, glare, and reflected light from the glasses to protect the children’s clear eyes.

This summer, let your child get closer to the sun and the beach and enjoy the beautiful summer days. Wear this simple, light and comfortable TS children’s sunglasses, bid farewell to the “naked eyes” travel, let the children to be a sunny boy with bright eyes.

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