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Maxim Lighting launches a full range of lighting products with RDM technology

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What is RDM technology?

In the stage lighting control system, the DMX512 protocol has been widely used and applied. In fact, this protocol is short for a technical standard in the professional dimming industry. It is a technical standard for digitally controlling the asynchronous serial transmission of data in systems that control lighting equipment and accessories. In the LED control application system built according to the DMX512 protocol, the direction of the signal flow on the control data transmission bus is sent from the control device and transmitted to each controlled device via the data bus. Since the technical standard does not clearly define the reverse transmission of information, the user cannot know any composition of the application system and the operational status information of the LED luminaire by controlling the device itself.

In order to enable users to understand the relevant information of the application system through the control system, the technical standard of RDM (Remote Device Management) came into being, so RDM and DMX512 are closely related.

What are the conditions for the stage lighting to implement the RDM function?

To realize the application of stage lighting RDM, all lighting equipment involved in our complete lighting control system must support RDM function, that is, the lighting console must support RDM function, the signal amplifier is compatible with RDM function, and the lighting carries RDM function. At present, the core lighting RDM product series are: console console console, MA console; signal distributor: RDM signal amplifier, RDM network expander, etc.; computer lights: 7R beam moving head light, 15R beam moving head light, 17R beam pattern Moving head light, 17R beam moving head light, 17R beam pattern dyeing three-in-one moving head light, etc.; LED lamp: LED RGBW par light, LED 3-in-1 full-color par light, LED 4-in-1 par light, LED 5-in-1 par light, LED Three primary color conference flat panel lights, LED spotlights, LED COB par light, LED 4-color moving head LED lights, etc…

Nowadays, in this era of “Internet of Things”, Maxim Lighting is also trying to integrate stage lighting into the Internet. Now we have practical progress in Internet access for stage lighting, and we will use it in the future. The continuous research and exploration of Maxim’s people gradually perfected and matured the “Internet + RDM” technology, and “Made in China 2025” is to realize its own strength and be a respected stage lighting enterprise.

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