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Shaking the same network red smart watch, TicWatch E fashion series understand

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In recent years, smart wearable products have shown a spurt of development. They are not only rich in variety, but also have a wide range of functions. They bring us a lot of convenience and fun in life. To say that this is still the most popular smart watch, especially for young people, to some extent, smart watches have become the standard for young fashion.

“Shake the short video” seems to be a fire all over the country overnight, the reason I think it is very close to the young people, but in the “shake” this smart watch has become the new network red, it is TicWatch E fashion Series of smart watches.

TicWatch E is a product of technology and fashion collision. It has a great change in design style compared with the previous generation. It can be said that it is a successful example of cross-border fashion. The TicWatch E white dial has a crystal clear outer casing (similar in headlights) that looks very beautiful.

TicWatch E combines all kinds of fashion elements in one, and you can choose from a variety of dial styles, covering 10 theme colors such as Sky Blue, Tech Blue, Lilac Purple, Turquoise Blue, and Laining Green. At the same time, it also supports the use of custom photos as a dial, which is also a highlight of the product. The photos of lovers and loved ones can be held in the palm of your hand.

TicWatch E has a variety of styles to meet the needs of young people, among which the MLGB custom models of the domestic tide brand NPC joints are particularly eye-catching. The same watch also has a built-in MLGB custom dial, which is fashionable from the inside out. In addition, modern white, punk black is also popular among users.

TicWatch voice assistant is the biggest advantage compared to other smart watches. It is similar to the voice assistant in the mobile phone. In fact, this is the core technology to go out and ask. After the watch is connected to the mobile phone, you only need to say “you” Good question, you can communicate with the voice assistant, it can give you navigation, search for nearby food, change the watch settings, and even take a taxi directly. It can be said that the availability of the smart watch is extended beyond the limited dial. .

In order to be more easy to use and beautiful, TicWatch E uses a magnetic charging port design, and the heart rate monitoring module is integrated in the middle position, and the motion sensing performance has been improved. In addition, the strap is made of silicone, and the overall texture is very soft and feels very skin-friendly.

Some people say that smart watches are actually a scaled-down version of mobile phones. Most feature phones can be replaced. In fact, I think the opposite is true for TicWatch E, because it integrates 3G communication module, which can realize independent communication from mobile phones, and also pay NFC module, daily in the bus station, subway station to brush a card, not only personality but also simple.

In general, TicWatch E fashion series smart watch is a combination of technology and fashion. It has a novel design, diversified dials and supports custom photos, which changes people’s habits of using traditional watches. At the same time, independent 3G communication function, integrated NFC card to make payment easier, and with it we get rid of the shackles of mobile phones, easy to move. The new model is now fully online, so how can you miss it?

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