Xiaomi Mijia Lofree BT Wireless Mouse

Face value and strength coexist, Lofree mouse you want to buy one?

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Regarding Lofree/Lofi, I don’t know if you are familiar with it. But their introduction to themselves is as follows:

Focus on 2m2 space and use products to make life more interesting. Indeed, for many office workers, they spend most of their time at their own workstations. Add some nice and practical products to your work station, which will bring you a happy mood and higher office efficiency.

Lofree’s products, I have also been in contact before, poisonous, TV speakers have left a deep impression on me. This time, the potato chip Bluetooth mouse, in fact, has been planted as early as when it was not released. Recently, I just met the official experience event, and I took this opportunity to experience it. After the experience, I naturally want to share with you that this product is good and not good.


“Literature, exquisite, compact, simple” is the intuitive feeling that Lofree potato chip Bluetooth mouse brings to me. Whether it’s before seeing the picture or actually seeing the real thing, its design can still make my heart feel good for a while.

The reason why it is called “chips” is because it uses the same design as the potato chips on the left and right buttons of the mouse. The oval adds a wavy texture and the two buttons are independent. If it is equipped with a burnt yellow color, then two small potato chips are no doubt.

The overall appearance of the Lofree potato chip Bluetooth mouse has a more rounded visual sense. In addition to the two potato chips on the button, the red shell, the bright ABS material and the edge of the arc, it looks a bit like a small soap (big brother, don’t you?).

Put the power switch and mode switch on the bottom, an extra wheel and a function button on the left side, and a Micro-USB interface and a 2.4G transceiver module on the right side. One advantage here is that compared to the wireless mouse I used before, there is no storage location for the module. Lofree will store the 2.4G transceiver module in the mouse body. It is convenient when it is carried out, and it will not be easy to lose. In addition, its positioning is also portable, so this function is more reasonable.

My Lofree potato chip Bluetooth mouse is a red and black color scheme. Although it has no other robin blue to be fresh, red and black is a very classic color scheme. It is still very eye-catching and better matched. However, it is also necessary to say that the glossy material of the Lofree potato chip Bluetooth mouse case will be more likely to leave traces such as slight scratches. This kind of material will have some problems, although it will not affect the rough look, but you can see it in a reflective state. Light colors are less obvious, but it would be better if you could have a storage bag to add a layer of protection when you go out.

Application experience

Through the practical application of these days, Lofree potato chip Bluetooth mouse has the following aspects of performance can be shared with you.

Portability: Small size, weight only 98g, and the built-in lithium battery, such volume and weight, for my daily loading into the backpack, effortless. And it’s mainly used with my MacBook, I can take it with me at any time.

Feel performance: Lofree potato chip Bluetooth mouse shell design has a curvature, so when the whole grip, it is more suitable for the palm. Compared with the big mouse, it is not so full of feel, but the overall grip is guaranteed, and the curvature of the edge is also smoother and more natural.

Key feedback: Lofree potato chip Bluetooth mouse left and right button, function button and scroll wheel are pressed, the trigger pressure is lighter, and the feedback feeling is relatively crisp. My favorite feedback is the performance on the two potato chips, and of course the most used everyday.

Additional features: As mentioned earlier, the Lofree potato chip Bluetooth mouse is designed with an additional wheel and function buttons on the side, and Lofree also gives the corresponding gesture function operation on these two buttons. Specific can refer to the following:

Of course, these features need to be adapted to the new users (including me). The good thing is that Lofree has its own adaptations for Win and Mac systems. And my favorite is the swipe gesture brought by the function button. After adaptation, I switched between multiple windows, and I can get rid of the original touchpad and realize it quickly through the mouse. This is the first third-party mouse I came across with practical gestures for the Mac. So at this point, I think I can add a point to the Lofree potato chip Bluetooth mouse.


Sometimes, a small product can bring a lot of comfort. The original boring desktop life, with a literary, fresh, exquisite little product like the Lofree Bluetooth mouse, has added a lot of vitality.

Overall, this product brings me a feeling of satisfaction. One is a peculiar shape and a sense of exquisiteness, one is a portable volumetric weight, and the other is a practical additional function. What can be improved is that the material of the outer casing is prone to scratches, especially in the case of carrying out the bag, which is easier to pick up with other products. Here personally believe that the official can be equipped with a storage bag to alleviate this situation.

The above is the personal experience after experiencing the Lofree potato chip Bluetooth mouse. As for its price, the regular price of 229 yuan, you say expensive? There is a saying that “expensive is not its problem, but…”

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