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When Westerners spend Christmas, they often see the Christmas tree full of lights, a festive atmosphere, and many people also put these lights in the interior decoration, such as in the hidden position of the ceiling, or on the wall. In the corner, behind the TV, through the lanterns to create a beautiful indoor environment, but the traditional lamp belt control is single, and the installation is more troublesome, if you do not want to use, after the removal is basically scrapped. Yeelight, a millet eco-chain company, has a colorful light strip, and recently there is an extended version. Now, what surprises will it take?

Yeelight has been working on smart lighting for many years. Starting from the earliest smart light bulb, a number of intelligent lighting devices have been released, and with the addition of the Xiaomi ecological chain, the playability and linkage of the products have been greatly improved. Yeelight Lantern with extended version can of course also join the Mijia APP, and can be linked with other Mijia products. The Yeelight spotlights bring a different holiday light show to the bar, living room and bedroom, and even the minimalist decor can be bright and colorful under the lights.

Yeelight is equipped with English packaging and the extension lamp is also in English. It is possible to export more of this product and use uniform packaging.

The back is a description of the function of several kinds of lights, of course, it is still in English, the production information is underneath, but in order to cooperate with domestic sales, Chinese is used, you can see that the basic package power is 7.5w, the light strip is 2m, and can be extended by 10m. The power is 26.6W, as well as manufacturer information.

Let’s take a look at the basic package first. After opening, it is a neat light strip.

The base bag contains a 2 meter flexible light strip, power adapter and a switch, and of course the instructions.

The design of the switch is very simple, with the consistent style of the Mi family series, pure white, the overall has no other extra cumbersome design, the circular switch.

The back is the product name, power input, power, production information and bar code, etc., because the switch and the light strip are integrated, so the information of the whole lamp is there.

The plug of the power adapter adopts a separate design. This should be the basis for different power plugs in various countries. It is convenient to replace the pins when selling in different countries.

The Yeelight color strip has a length of about 2 meters and 60 RGB beads. Using flexible mercury-free Pu colloid material, the light transmission is good, the light belt has reached the ip65 waterproof level, of course, it can not be used underwater, just said that the general domestic water encountered, then I have no problem at all. Moreover, the softness of the lamp strip is very good, and it has been arbitrarily plasticized, and it is easy to pass through when it encounters unevenness during use.

The color light has an extension pack and a built-in one-meter extension lamp strip. It can be used normally by connecting with the light strip on the base bag. It can be extended up to 10 meters. In addition to the light strip, there is an extra one. The connection bayonet should be fixed.

At the end of the base package lamp strip, it is a four-hole pin jack. It can be perfectly combined with the extension lamp with four-hole pins, and then fixed with the connection buckle. Even if there is a certain external force, it is not easy to fall off.

Usually, the fixed line of the home or the installation of the lamp strip requires the use of a fixed buckle and nails to the wall. It is not only troublesome but also will leave a small hole to destroy the wall after being removed in the future. The Yeelight color light strip is made of adhesive, which you want to shine, just peel off the adhesive tape, not only easy to install, but also easy to remove.

Connect the plug of the power adapter and use it as long as it is plugged in.

When the switch is pressed, the beautiful lights are immediately presented, and the extension line has no sense of disobedience. They are all uniform colors.

Of course, the Yeelight Lantern is not only so simple, it can also be controlled by the mobile app, and it can achieve more functions. We first use the Mijia APP, add the device after opening, you can find the nearby Yeelight colorful light strip, wait for a certain time, you can set up the network, the specific details of the specific settings will not be repeated, follow the prompts to complete .

Through the Mijia APP, you can realize remote light switch, and you can choose color light and streamer, adjust brightness and color change, etc., as well as delay switch. Of course, if there are other Xiaomi’s smart hardware at home, you can also display linkages, such as turning on the lights after opening the door, or turning on the lights after turning on the TV, and immediately turning into the backlight of the TV background wall.

If you have a small love smart speaker or a millet phone in your home, you can use the small love voice to control the light on and off, a word machine can be fixed, and the name of the light band can be customized, such as changing to a lantern, or a living room lamp, such a command It will be faster.

In addition to Mijia APP, you can also use Yeelight’s own mobile app. If you log in with your Mie account and you have added it before, you don’t need to bind it again. There are more modes here, such as early wake-up, sunset help, etc. In the colorful light, the color can also be selected directly on the palette. Streamer can edit the color change and apply it immediately. The function here is similar to that of the Mijia APP.

However, under the net slide, there will be more rich control, such as music rhythm, control switch LED indicator control, collection mode, timing tasks and so on. Especially the music rhythm, the family opened Paty or something, this is still the power of the lantern is more perfect.

Placed in the living room, very rhythmic, of course, you can also hit the lantern with a circle around the edge of the bed to create a warm atmosphere in the bedroom, or stick it to the chassis of the computer, special marquee effect, I believe the small partner to see I will be amazed at it.

Then if you bought this lantern, how would you use it?

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