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Redmi Airdots in-depth experience: advantages and disadvantages are obvious!

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I grabbed the launch of Redmi Airdots. I also used it for a month. I have a certain understanding of this headset. I want to talk with you about the advantages and disadvantages of this headset and provide a reference for the pro who wants to buy it.

The advantages are obvious:

1, low price

As a true wireless Bluetooth headset, Redmi Airdots is priced at $21.99, plus $10 for shipping to $31.99. Really cheap! Compared to headphones that are popular for $100 or even thousands of dollars, this headset is worthy of your entry.

2, long-lasting

Redmi Airdots can last for 2-3 hours if it is fully charged continuously, depending on the volume of your turn. This battery life is not bad, although it can not be compared with Apple’s AirPods, but daily use is sufficient.

3, sound quality is gratifying

Originally, there was not much hope for the sound quality of the split-type wireless Bluetooth headset of less than $30, but the sound quality of Redmi Airdots was really good, the sound was heavy, the middle and high-pitched sounds were stable, and the sound quality in the low-cost headphones was good.


1, the call is not working

Since it is the ultimate cost-effective headset, it will sacrifice some features in exchange for performance. The call from Redmi Airdots is really not good. It is acceptable when the room is quiet. Once in an outdoor noisy environment, the other party cannot understand what you are saying. So, if you want to buy a good Bluetooth headset, this headset may not meet your needs.

2, connecting the phone is too complicated

The pros who have used AirPods know that Apple’s earphones can be connected to the phone automatically when they are close to the phone. It is very convenient. Redmi Airdots requires the user to read the instructions carefully and follow the steps to manually connect the phone. The process is cumbersome.

3, the headphone storage box switch aging

I use this earphone almost every day. I found that the switch connection of the earphone storage box has a long-lasting feeling of being stuck, and I can’t open and close the cover smoothly. I don’t know if other friends have encountered the same problem.

The above is my experience of using Redmi Airdots heavily, I hope to answer your doubts about this headset.

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