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Active noise reduction must be the first choice ANC-EB03 Earphones

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The white-collar workers in the metropolis work 2 hours a day in the traffic. Nowadays, the rapid development of airplanes and high-speed rail transportation is more and more convenient. Whether it is daily subway commuting, travel or tourism. It’s not a short time to avoid spending on transportation. Everyone likes to listen to music or watch videos during this time.

Netizens who often take subways, high-speed rails or airplanes find that the noise on vehicles is still quite large. Rail transit is a mechanical friction sound. The airplane is the sound of airflow collision. It is often necessary to adjust the sound of the headphones to listen to music clearly. If you take a long time, you will feel your ears hurt and your hearing will be damaged. Therefore, noise-reducing headphones are particularly important, and can play a good role in protecting hearing. Xiaobian here to recommend is an active noise canceling headphones model ANC-EB03.

ANC-EB03 is a self-developed product developed by Shenzhen Yuexuda Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Yuexueda Technology Co., Ltd. is an ODM and OEM manufacturer of active noise canceling headphones. It has a history of 10+ years in the field of active noise reduction, and cooperates with many well-known enterprises in related fields. There are also more than 50 self-developed products. The production pass rate is 98% and the shipment is above 20W.

The earbuds come standard with silicone sleeves and shark fins, as well as storage pockets and MicroUSB charging cables.

The ANC-EB03 is a Bluetooth noise-reducing earphone that is worn in a semi-in-ear style. The shark fin silicone earhooks provide a better way to wear. The earplug cavity is made of engineering plastic, which is lighter in weight and has no burden to wear.

The earbud has two modules, a battery-powered module and a wire-controlled microphone module, and the ANC active noise reduction switch is on the side of the microphone module. The earphone detects the ambient noise through the microphone, and after the internal chip operation, the opposite amplitude sound and noise are superimposed from the speaker, thereby playing jiang’zao.

This active noise reduction earphone adopts the mainstream Bluetooth chip CSR8645 chip on the market, supports APTX lossless Bluetooth transmission protocol, and is also relatively excellent in battery life. It can last for 6-8 hours and standby time up to 200 hours. .

Sound quality: ANC-EB03 as the Bluetooth active noise canceling headphones sound performance is not inferior, not like the legendary Bluetooth earphones, the sound quality is so unbearable. The tuning of this plug is quite positive, although the quality is not very strong, but the proportional control in the tri-band is quite suitable, and there is no bias like low frequency, the low-frequency quantity is not too much, the vocals are more emotional, Naturally comfortable, high frequency has a certain resolution. The overall sense of hearing is natural, the quality is not very high, as enough for commuting.

Nowadays, airplanes and high-speed rails are convenient to travel, and there are more and more people who travel frequently and travel. Active noise-reducing headphones are getting more and more attention. Shenzhen Yuexuda Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 10 years of ODM and OEM experience in the field of active noise reduction. This ANC-EB03 is also very effective in active noise reduction. It is very suitable for daily business people who need to take transportation or travel frequently.

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