1MORE Triple Driver BT In-ear Headphones

Bluetooth also has a good sound, 1MORE Triple Driver BT Bluetooth Headset Reviews


After Apple canceled the 3.5mm audio interface of mobile phones, many mobile phone manufacturers have followed suit. Bluetooth headsets have suddenly become hot spots, and wireless music transmission has become the next trend of mobile phone evolution. However, in the process, some audiophiles are more resistant to this, mainly because the quality of the Bluetooth headset on the market and the headset with wired connection have a certain gap.

Consumer concerns are of course noticed by audio equipment manufacturers. The domestic earphone manufacturer Wanmo Acoustics (1MORE) has launched a Bluetooth wireless headset with the main sound quality. Like many hiFi headsets, it uses the Triple Driver BT hybrid structure, model E1001BT, and the price is about 799 yuan.

After unpacking the headset, you can find the accessories on the lower layer of the package, including multi-size earmuffs, charging cable, storage bag, Wanmao bear sticker and instruction manual. In terms of earplugs, plus a pair of earphones, there are up to nine pairs of earmuffs of different sizes. The lower three pairs of earmuffs are made of memory foam and the rest are made of silicone. Earmuffs, it can also be seen that the manufacturer is very careful about this headset.

1MORE Triple Driver BT headphones belong to the “neck-mounted” earphones. The part that wears the hanging neck is made of skin-friendly material. The softness and flexibility of the touch are also very good. There is no problem in bending at will, and it is convenient when stored. The design does not create a significant weight bearing in actual wear.

The operation buttons and microphone of the earphone are designed on the left side of the neck hanging component, which are volume key, play/pause key, and open key. Switching songs can be done by double-clicking or three-clicking the play button to realize the function of the previous song. When the price is connected for Bluetooth call, the function of answering and hanging up the phone can be realized.

In addition to the power button, the power button also has the function of turning on the intelligent voice assistant. At present, it is connected to the Tencent jingle voice assistant, which can control the phone to make calls and play audio programs through the Bluetooth headset.

On the right side of the neck-mounted assembly is the position of the battery. When the battery capacity is 160 mAh, the full-time playback life is about 7 hours. At the top of the left is the type-C interface, which supports fast charging. It can be used for three hours after charging for ten minutes. There is no need to worry about the endurance.

The earphone unit is made of aluminum alloy material to make the earphone cavity, which looks very metallic. The earphone catheter is designed with a 45 degree beveled in-ear design that fits better to fit the contour of the external auditory canal.

The 1MORE Triple Driver BT Bluetooth headset uses a low-distortion double-action iron + titanium dynamic coil unit in the sound generation. The double-action iron unit is responsible for the high frequency, and the moving coil unit is responsible for the low-frequency, each of its own design methods. It has become the sound quality guarantee of this 1MORE Triple Driver BT Bluetooth headset, so this headset has also been certified by Hi-Res Audio high-resolution audio equipment.

The weight of the 1MORE Triple Driver BT earphone is only 42.5g, it is still very light to wear, and the cavity is also relatively small. It will not be tired when listening to the ear for a long time. The neck-mounted earphone is also suitable for sports use, usually not intense. The anti-sports headphones are not easy to fall from the ears.

From the appearance point of view, the shape of this 1MORE Triple Driver BT headset is relatively simple, and it is also very versatile. It is a good accessory to wear out.

This headset Bluetooth supports Sony’s LDAC connection technology, connected to a mobile music player that supports LDAC transmission, can provide Hi-Res Audio level high quality music, can provide 3 times the bandwidth of conventional Bluetooth, which is to increase the transmission rate to 990kps . To put it simply, this headset can still guarantee lossless sound quality transmission using Bluetooth connection, which is close to the quality of the signal transmitted by wired headphones. This function guarantees excellent sound quality to a certain extent.

The sound quality of 1MORE Triple Driver BT headphones left a deep impression on me. At least in the Bluetooth headset with a thousand price, this headset is full of bass, which is very suitable for the likes of “moving times”. friend. The headphone’s resolution of the instrument in the sound field and the vocal highlight control are very good, the intermediate frequency performance is slightly prominent, the high frequency can only be said to be balanced, is a good sound headphones.

If you want a Bluetooth headset with a low price and good sound quality, the 1MORE Triple Driver BT headset is worth considering for its $89 price. After all, it is still rare to configure multi-unit Bluetooth headsets at $100. of.

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