Xiaomi QCY T3 BT 5.0 Wireless Earphone Review

Xiaomi QCY T3 BT 5.0 Wireless Earphone Review

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QCY T3 design, load and comfort
Let’s start with the biggest disadvantages of QCY T3 / Xiaomi T3.

The T3 does not have a bean-shaped phone, but has the Apple AirPods design, each phone comes with a handle. QCY, therefore, chose a new headphone design. It is not completely inside the ear, and the rubber extends the nozzle to completely fill the ears. But it is not as in-ear as AirPods. You can’t “hang them” in your ears like AirPods. You still have to press.

Instead, the QCY T3 rubber tips connect to the nozzle from the top of the stem. That is the rubber part that you wear in your ears. The T3 is not equipped with different rubber sizes to fit different ears, which is a problem. If the standard size headphones are not suitable for you, the QCY T3 will not remain firmly in your ears (!), Due to the bad fit (!), It will be difficult to control and the sound quality will be poor with weak bass The sound is rough. If you read about the poor sound quality in other comments, I think the reason for the inappropriateness will be the cause.

The problem is: when you place an order, you don’t know if the standard size is right for you.

I think this is the guide for QCY T3 / Xiaomi T3:

If you use smaller headphones on other headphones, the setting may be appropriate.

If you use medium or large headphones on other headphones, the setting may be too loose for you.

Personally, I always use a medium tip, so it is problematic for me. To continue enjoying QCY T3, I used other medium QCY tricks on them. They are perfect … although you cannot place the T3 in the charging case without removing the pen tip.

However, the lightweight and compact charging case still charges the headphones 5 times and has a transparent cover so you can see if the headphones are charging. The headphones can be played for approximately 5 hours on a single charge. Both are great feats in this price range.

Connectivity and control

Unlike previous models, the QCY T3 provides touch control. They are used to it. Press the log twice to play / pause, and two seconds to skip (right) or return (left) the song. Press it three times to activate your voice assistant, this time you can change the volume. Slide your finger up on the stem to increase the volume. Swiping down will reduce it.

Unfortunately, T3 takes a while (if applicable) to respond to your input. You may not be waiting for anything or activate the voice assistant instead of skipping tracks. Also: removing the T3 from the box or resetting the ear setting can only cause the song to be returned or skipped. To change the volume, you can play multiple slides.

Pairing and connecting is still very easy with QCY. Take them out, they can connect to each other immediately, or to your device. The connection is stable at about 10 meters.

Watch movies and make calls on QCY T3 / XIAOMI T3
Now we have something! Thanks to the power, the QCY T3’s microphone is closer to its mouth than the previous QCY and many other true wireless headphones. The call quality of T3 is excellent. The recipient hears his clear voice, just as he would with the phone’s microphone. Telephone conversations with T3 are perfectly feasible.

Play videos on QCY T3 to watch movies works great, works well on Android and also on iPhone. Beyond that, for a single application that seems to be the only one that works only with Anomoibuds Capsule and Xiaomi Redmi Airdots: YouTube. On the iPhone, you will notice that lips are not only synchronized in the application.

Sound: emotional

For the sound quality of the QCY T3 / Xiaomi T3, I considered the perfect combination: the included headphones or other headphones that could fit you.

Better saved until the end: regarding the sound quality, QCY blows its socks again. QCY T3 provides balanced sound, enhanced bass, excellent clarity and fine detail.

The bass of the QCY T3 sounds darker and fuller than the previous model of the brand, and the striking power is also quite strong. The double bass has a remarkable rumble. Try to shake in your ears, and the low middle lifts a strong pop. Compared to QS1 and QS2, bass and midrange exist in more ways, and they can even compete or even beat high-quality, low-cost wireless headphones like Tiso i4 and Haylou GT1.

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