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Huawei Band 4e basketball elf officially on sale

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On August 29th, the Huawei Band 4e basketball elf was officially launched. During the first sale of new products today, you can enjoy discounts, which means that the original price of 39.99 US dollars, 21.99 US dollars can start.

As an upgrade of Huawei’s 3E running elves, Huawei’s 4e basketball elf continues its running posture monitoring and professional guidance functions, and innovatively added basketball data monitoring.

It is reported that the basketball data monitoring function of the Huawei 4E basketball elf requires the product to be worn on the shoes. Huawei Band 4e Basketball Elf supports one-click entry into the basketball mode, which can show the number of vertical jumps, vertical jump height, vacant time, moving speed, length of exercise, distance, calories, steps, active time, active time, etc. Important data.

After the end of the basketball game, you can monitor your basketball performance through the AI ​​algorithm in the Huawei Sports Health App, and use the guidance and action training provided by the App to specifically improve the weak indicators in the campaign.

The Huawei 4E basketball elf has a 6-axis sensor buck. In the running shoe wearing mode, it can measure the translation and rotation movements, and supports seven running posture parameter analysis, including grounding time, landing mode, landing impact, stride frequency, stride, Eversion amplitude, swing angle.

In terms of appearance, the wristband of the Huawei 4E Basketball Elf is made of recycled UNION-certified recycled fiber. The color is available in six colors: coconut ash, cherry coral, seaweed green, ceylon yellow, vibrant red and cobalt purple gold.

In other respects, the Band dial uses a 0.5-inch PMOLED display with a body weight of only 6g.

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