QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset with good sound quality

QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset with good sound quality

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I don’t know when it started, the concept of “true wireless” began to prevail, and various brands of split-type Bluetooth headsets have sprung up. As a digital master, I naturally experienced many different brands of such products. I don’t know if the technology is not perfect or for other reasons, many of these products are so unsatisfactory to use. For example, the connection is unstable, the battery life is insufficient, the wearing is not firm, the operation is not convenient, and even some earphones cannot be used. After using a lot of “true wireless” headphones, I experienced this QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset to be said today. Perhaps this headset is the best experience of the “true wireless” headphones I have ever experienced.

QCY-T1 Pro is not the first “true wireless” Bluetooth headset launched by QCY. The previous QY29 is also such a product, but in comparison, QY29 is an early product after all, and is slightly better than QCY-T1 Pro in all aspects Insufficient, and QCY-T1 Pro is more like an upgraded product, which not only makes up for some QY29 defects, but also improves in other aspects.

The inside of the QCY-T1 Pro’s packaging box is mainly a charging compartment. The accessories mainly include a set of spare headphone caps, ear pads and a charging cable. This charging compartment uses a drawer design, the surface is bright silver metal, one side can be seen with a power indicator button and 4 LED indicators, as well as a microusb charging interface.

The overall design of this QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset is very simple. The color matching of white and silver also looks a bit “Apple”. There is no product logo or text logo on the appearance of the entire metal storage bin. It seems to support user-defined logos. After all, this headset is also a very good choice as a souvenir gift.

Open the “drawer” of the charging compartment, and you can see the two headphones lying side by side inside. The two earphones use a magnetic design, which will be attracted to the charging compartment when you put it lightly, which fits perfectly and charges firmly. When the drawer of the entire charging compartment is pushed out, it needs to be forced to open, which is relatively tight.

QCY has launched many such compact headphones, but this time the QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset is the most beautiful. The white shell and silver metal ring are small like a delicate work of art. Especially the earphone design this time makes the QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset more secure and won’t fall off.

Because the QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset uses an asymmetric design, the left and right ears are clearly distinguished. The appearance of the headset is inclined, deeper into the ear canal, and it feels more familiar and comfortable, which not only has better noise reduction effects. , Can also effectively improve the sound quality experience. The charging compartment also has an inclined groove. There are two metal contacts in the groove. When the headset is put in, it will be charged in real time. This charging compartment can provide the headset with multiple full-time electrical energy. Effectively maintain the battery life of the headset.

Let’s talk about the headset itself. QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset uses a touch screen design, eliminating the key design. This has the advantage of eliminating the physical loss of the keys, but the disadvantage of the touch screen is that it is easy to touch by mistake. A time-delay design is also added here to solve the problem of accidental touch. It must be continued for a few seconds to realize the switch operation, which is more humane.

Below the front touch screen of the headset, there is a small window with an LED indicator. The current status of the headset can be seen through the red and blue display, and the microphone is also integrated here. It has a very beautiful effect on the appearance of the entire headset. Touch the touch screen for 3 seconds, the headset will turn on, you can use it alone, or you can turn on two headsets at the same time, and the two headsets will automatically pair to become a stereo Bluetooth headset. When used together, turn off a single headset, and both headsets will be turned off at the same time.

First look at the wearing experience. The QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset uses an ergonomic asymmetrical design, slanting deep into the ear canal, and coupled with the ear pads, it feels very secure to wear. When you wear this headset, the earrest can just be stuck in the ear, no matter how you shake it, it will not fall off. You must know that the previous QY29 will accidentally fall, and the QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset is completely Yes, this design is great.

It is comfortable to wear, so how about the sound quality? For such “true wireless” Bluetooth headsets, there was almost no sound quality at all. Answering a call and watching a video is still barely okay, but if you use it to listen to music, the sound quality is terrible. However, the QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset is completely different. I did not expect that this time the QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset not only has a beautiful appearance and comfortable wearing experience, but even the sound quality has an unexpected performance. After listening to the music, I found that the overall auditory experience of the QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset is tri-band balanced, and the effect of listening to music is very good. The only thing that may be slightly inadequate is that the bass performance is not strong enough, but the mid-high frequency is very good.

In fact, such a QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset should not have too high requirements for it. After all, it has such a small size, and it has to take into account factors such as battery life and touch screen. It can be done so far. Already. Especially after comparing with several such “true wireless” Bluetooth headsets, the performance of the QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset is definitely in the middle and upper class. If there are disadvantages, it is not without, such as white is not resistant to dirt, there is no way to adjust the volume on the headphones, etc., but the flaws are not hidden, the overall performance is still very satisfactory.

After a period of experience, this QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset feels very good to me. It not only has high value, long battery life, touch screen operation, high sound quality, but also can be used for two purposes, standalone use, etc. It has replaced the earphones I used to become one of the must-have digital products. However, it is recommended if you can equip with a storage bag, or the silver charging compartment is always worried about being scratched. Well, the above is my experience of this QCY-T1 Pro Bluetooth headset, it is indeed a recommended “true wireless” Bluetooth headset.

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