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JEET Air Plus and Xiaomi AIR 2 hands-on review

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Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Mi 10 mobile phone some time ago, but I grabbed the alarm clock and robbed it several times. I still want to add money to find the cattle I don’t think it’s really necessary. We might as well let Xiaomi 9 serve for another two months, waiting for the holiday promotion phone price reduction in the future!

Take this time to share which true wireless Bluetooth headset is easy to use?

Considering the adaptability of Xiaomi mobile phones, my first reaction was to buy Xiaomi AIR 2, but when I looked at the strategy online, I found that it is also the price of 68.29 US dollars, and there is a “net red explosion models”, which is: Plus true wireless Bluetooth headset, the configuration and word of mouth are quite high, which made me a little bit confused, I simply bought it back. Are there friends like me who care about these two headphones?

Contrast appearance

Then take a look at the appearance of the two headphones, although they are both white, but the appearance difference is quite large.

The charging case of JEET Air Plus is small and the design is very simple. There is not much design except for a button and charging port. The charging case cover uses the same high-gloss sealing glaze technology as the piano. Can effectively prevent falling in the hands.

The earphone body has a rounded in-ear design with better fit. At the same time, the earbuds of JEET Air Plus Bluetooth headphones use baby-grade high-activity nano-silicone material and shock-absorbing cushioning technology, which is extremely comfortable to wear. In addition, SR aviation material ear braces have undergone 10,000 shake tests and dropped. The performance is only 1%, which is more suitable for sports than most true wireless on the market.

The overall design of the Xiaomi AIR 2 Bluetooth headset is smaller than the previous generation. The edges of the charging box are very rounded and look a little fat, not so delicate. The color design is still simple and pure white, without any other design, full of “Xiaomi” style.

The earphone cavity uses the same half-in-ear design as Apple AirPods, which is quite comfortable to wear, and even if it is worn for a long time, it will not cause ear pain.

Contrast experience

The control of this JEET Air Plus headset is very simple. The default is to use your fingertips (nails, to prevent accidental touch!) To double-click the left ear to wake up the voice assistant, double-click the right ear to play / pause, answer or end the call, and double-click any headset. Moreover, the most convenient is that there is a custom function to open the APP for settings, and the APP does a great job. You can set double-click strength, sound style, setting name, firmware upgrade, etc., which is very user-friendly.

In addition to the APP, I think the most powerful JEET headset is the Bluetooth connection performance is very good. After all, there are Qualcomm chips, 5.0 technology like that, and the LDS laser laser engraving antenna blessing, so that the connection stability of this headset is always online, 20 Rarely, stuttering occurs within the meter.

At the same time, the update speed of this headset is also very fast. I can buy the latest “delay optimized” firmware, and the actual measurement can easily eat chicken without worrying about the delay.

If you have a Xiaomi mobile phone and want to find a Bluetooth headset that is most suitable for your mobile phone, then this must be this Xiaomi AIR 2 Bluetooth headset. As long as your version of the MIUI system is relatively new, you can basically implement popups (for details, please refer to the official instructions). Compared with other brands, it has a more ritualistic sense of connection. You just need to open the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and then open the cover of the headset, and there will be a pop-up window to connect. After connecting, you can also make rich settings, and you can even clearly see the remaining power of each headset and the remaining power of the storage box.

In terms of delay, Xiaomi AIR 2 uses Bluetooth 5.0, so the delay will definitely be much lower than the previous generation. When watching videos, the sound lag is not so obvious, but it is not recommended for individuals playing games. However, it is said that the official will push a new version of the headset OTA, which can also greatly reduce the delay.

However, I used it for several days and found that this Xiaomi AIR 2 headset also has a disadvantage, that is, it does not support the left and right ears to be used alone. This can be found during the Bluetooth connection. Only one Bluetooth connection can be searched in the mobile phone, and JEET can search for “L” and “R”. This shows that the left earphone of Xiaomi headset cannot be used separately. Those who fancy this should pay attention.

Contrast sound quality

In terms of sound quality, JEET Air Plus uses a full-range HiFi moving iron unit. Relatively, the moving iron unit will cost slightly more, but the resolution is better, and the sound is more reducible. Many high-end big-name headphones use this type of sound. Unit. Listen to “Berlin Lover” with clear voice. Then come to listen to Huang Yingying’s “Fun Heart”, and turn round and round. In terms of male voices, Qu Ruiqiang’s “I Like You” feels more flavorful and flexible. The Waiting Home, the performance is more obvious, whether it is vocal or soundtrack, is full of flexibility, especially the vocal, clear and powerful, the tension of the performance is also very good, the details are also very clear.

No matter in terms of sound quality or sound quality, this JEET Air Plus is excellent value for money. For ordinary people, this headset is enough for listening to music or listening to songs.

In terms of sound quality, the configuration of Xiaomi AIR 2 is also good. It has a large composite diaphragm moving coil and a 14.2mm large speaker, which is quite excellent for the listening experience. Especially in the bass performance, the volume is sufficient, the flexibility is also good, the human voice is bright and clear, and the hearing is relatively delicate.

In addition, Xiaomi AIR 2 headset mainly supports the transmission of LHDC high-definition audio protocol. There must be a great addition to the sound restoration, but it is a pity that my Xiaomi 9 phone is too backward and can only support AAC. The sound quality is fair. I hope there will be better performance on Xiaomi 10 phones in the future.

Contrast battery life

In terms of charging, these two headsets are designed with the TYPE C charging port at the bottom of the charging box. Although it can only be tipped down when charging, C port charging should be praised.

In terms of battery life, Xiaomi AIR 2’s performance is average. It can only be used for 4 hours at a time, with a total battery life of 14 hours. The JEET Air Plus can be used for 10 hours at a time, and the total battery life can reach 35 hours, which is almost three times that of Xiaomi. It is really long lasting!

Finally, let’s summarize the two headsets. The most convenient way to use Xiaomi AIR 2 is to wake up Xiao Ai. It is quite practical for Xiaomi phones. You can use Xiao Ai to answer calls, switch songs, Querying the weather, etc., is more convenient than touch operation.

However, if you do not have a Xiaomi phone like me, it is still recommended to start with the JEET Air Plus, which has a higher configuration and longer battery life, and the left and right headphones can be used independently, and the delay is not felt when playing games. This is relatively rare. !

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