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These semi-in-ear Bluetooth headphones are perfect

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For earphones, we have seen the most in-ear (closed), half-ear (open) and recently emerging bone conduction. Many friends may not be accustomed to the full-in-ear style, they always feel that their ears are clogged, and they want to change to a more comfortable half-in-ear style, but they don’t feel that the sound quality is not enough. Below we recommend to you several semi-in-ear Bluetooth headphones with excellent wearing comfort and sound quality. These headphones don’t give 99 points.

1.mifo O2

The first is a new model from the mifo family-mifo O2. I put this one on the top of the list because it’s really cost-effective. In the field of sports earphones, which has been exploring for many years, the magic wave mifo is second to none in the industry in terms of wearing comfort and stability.

Ordinary semi-in-ear headphones are far less stable than in-ear headphones, but the reverse buckle design pioneered by mifo O2 cleverly solves the problem of poor stability, does not tightly ensure comfort, and is very close to the ear and stable. The most worth mentioning is the waterproof performance of O2. Although it is open, its waterproof level has reached the professional level 5, which is definitely one of the best in the same type of headphones.

In addition to some of the advantages of wearing experience, mifo’s sports earphones are not losing thousands of dollars in sound quality. The previous O5 uses a moving iron sounding unit, which has a high three-dimensional sound quality and strong sound analysis, which is well received by users. This time, the mifo O2 still worked hard on the sound quality. The 13mm large dynamic coil unit used has a wide sound field and sound quality.

2.Apple Airpoods

The Apple Airpods mentioned here include the first and second generation, because the difference between the two is not particularly large. The same comfort and sound quality are indeed Apple’s products, which are excellent in overall performance. So far, Airpods is still the most popular product in the Bluetooth headset industry, and it can almost do 90% of Bluetooth headsets in the industry.

3.Huawei Freebuds 2

Huawei Freebuds I believe that many people also understand, especially for Huawei mobile phone users, the seamless connection experience brought by this headset is more than other Bluetooth headsets can not provide. Of course, Huawei’s technology has also been well received by the public. This headset also uses black technology-bone voiceprint ID recognition technology. This technology greatly improves the convenience of using the headset, and it can be used with its own mobile phone to operate many functions by voice.

4.QCY T3

QCY T3 cannot be regarded as a full half-ear Bluetooth headset, because it is equipped with two types of earmuffs, which can be switched between half-ear and full-ear. However, if it is used as a semi-in-ear, the advantage is not very great, because the sound generating unit is a 6mm dynamic coil. If it is open, it may be a bit quiet. However, it cannot be denied that the QCY T3 has a small moving coil size and a small earphone cavity, so it is very comfortable to wear, which is very popular with users.


JBL’s quality is trustworthy. As an international brand, its sports headphones have always been very popular. This TUNE205 BT is a half-ear earphone. Its comfort is self-evident, the product performance is also very powerful, of course, its high color value, and a variety of colors to choose from, but this is in line with the taste of young people today.

The above are the several cost-effective semi-in-ear Bluetooth headsets that we recommend for everyone this time. If you are interested in which product, pay attention to it!

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