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With the rapid development of smart phones and the change of time, we are trying to establish a solid foothold in communication function, video function and entertainment media function. You may not have thought that the “listening App” that we open every day required a device to execute separately at that time.

MP3, I was born in that era to know, it is a new technology product people name it! And it was the iPod that pushed this product to the extreme and changed the way people listened to music!

Of course! And by iPod, It’s not the iPod that keeps selling by clearing inventory in this time. It was the iPod that was all the rage at that time!

In the era of popular cassettes and physical albums, whether it was iTunes streaming or the light and thin design, it was enough to change the “way” people listened to music.

If you look at the iPod, probably the most impressive series we’ve ever known are the classic, nano, shuffle, touch! And of course: video, photo, mini.

This time, let’s take a look at nano, which has changed the most in form and it is about to end perfectly!

Finished Perfectly?

Apple plans to label the seventh-generation iPod Nano as “obsolete” later this month. Obsolete products are those that have been off the market for more than 5 years and less than 7 years.

Apple introduced the seventh generation iPod nano in 2015, and it is the last one in the series. The device will be five years old now, and it will be listed as an “obsolete product” list.

So the end of the Nano 7 marks the end of the nano series. Not so. The Nano 7 was first released in 2012, it published with the iPhone 5 at the time.

In 2015, Apple updated the Nano 7, but only updated a few new colors. So it’s not a new model, it’s a seventh generation. Just changed the color, extend its product life!

Nano series from 7 colors of nano 7 in 2012 years to 5 colors of nano 7 in 2015 years, but the nano’s brilliance is there for all to see.

First Generation Nano Was Publish 2005 Years

The debut of the first nano, like the MacBook Air and iPhone 4, was stunning. Steve Jobs’ taking the Nano out of Levi’s “pocket watch bag”, is the best annotation of this product.

Because of the use of flash memory instead of hard disk, resulting in a significant change in volume! It was 62% smaller than the iPod Mini.

So the nano, which continues to be “small” and takes over the Mini, it is much smaller than the MP3 players on the market.

The first nano was really beautiful and delicate, with a shiny white acrylic panel and a shiny stainless steel back that looked like art.

Second Generation Nano Was Publish 2006 Years

The second nano is thinner than the first. There is no significant change in appearance or functionality with an aluminized case.

But the colorful color body and more memory options, compared to the first generation more perfect, or many users like!

But Fox likes the first one better than the second!

Third Generation Nano Was Publish 2007 Years

Third generation Nano. Many people called it “little Fatty” at that time! Compared to the compact design of the previous two generations, the third generation is “eating too much”!

This time it has a bigger, brighter, better screen. The function also increased a lot, support music, movie, video, ebook, podcasts network video, picture sidebar browsing, game function and so on!

However, this generation, the overall proportion of the squat, and the button ring is smaller, the operation is not as handy as the first two generations.

Fourth Generation Nano Was Publish 2008 Years

The 4th generation Nano returns to the light and light design of the previous two generations, and the curved design fits your hand better!

Interestingly, the Nano also includes an “acceleration sensor”! Give it a sense of direction and movement.

Shake the device and the Nano automatically switches to the next song, elevating CoverFlow’s cover browsing mode.

Fifth Generation Nano Was Publish 2009 Years

The 5th generation Nano follows the design of the 4th generation, but if you look closely at the front, you’ll notice that the screen takes up more of the screen, because it’s elongated!

While the overall appearance has changed little, the fifth-generation Nano has a 300, 000 megapixel camera, on the lower left back that can record H.264 encoded VGA video.

In addition, FM radio and real-time pause function, recording function, voice control function, pedometer and external playback function have been added.

Sixth Generation Nano Was Publish 2010 Years

Many people say that the 6th generation Nano is a complete regression! The smaller body, with only one screen on the front and a clip on the back of the Shuffle, is a complete redesign.

But the sixth-generation Nano, with multi-touch and full gesture control, was, in my opinion, pretty cool.

And because of the small square body, but also built-in “Mickey dial”, at that time there are watchband accessories to sell, combined together can be a small watch!

Many Apple watches were made with Sixth Generation Nano in that time.

Seventh Generation Nano in 2010 to 2015 Years

The 7th generation Nano changes all the usual designs! A Nano with no iPod elements. More like a simplified touch!

Neither the system nor the elements of the body feature, any of the previous iPod features. Apple says it is a simplified version of iOS, called Nano OS, and no third-party apps can be installed.

Of course, the addition of lighting interface and Bluetooth technology, make the expansibility more powerful. But the Nano 7 doesn’t feel like nano anymore.

In the end, the Nano’s demise is inevitable. Today’s mobile phone can do its job better, except small, it has no advantage. With the nano gone, the last member of the iPod is the iPod Touch.

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