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QCY QY19 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

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As a sporty person, slowly running in the early morning fields or riding on the field trails, the surrounding scenery is fascinating, will you feel that the world is so wonderful? Will you feel that something is missing? That’s right, if you listen to a soothing music, would you feel the icing on the cake? Most of the Bluetooth headsets on the market are single-eared, and the effect is not very good, and if the headset is directly worn, if the volume is large, it will bring unsafe factors. Qy19 produced by qcy company solved this problem very well. I have the opportunity to experience this headset, I feel very good, let’s share with you the experience of these days.

一. Packaging and product details

Qy19 Bluetooth headset uses a long strip of packaging, the slender body is more streamlined design is very popular, the outer layer of film packaging is a thoughtful protective packaging box, people can not bear to break the membrane. The black tones look atmospheric and understated. The logo on the front of the gold body is low-key and luxurious. The back of the box is printed with some technical parameters and production address of the earphone. It is worth mentioning that there is also a coating that can be used to check the authenticity. In this era of materialism, it is possible to protect the interests of consumers. Pay tribute to qcy here.

For the unpacking of the box, the author made a mistake and thought it was a pull-out design, which was not successful. Later, I discovered that the original box had adopted a magnetic design. After pulling it out a little, I could see the true face of Lushan. The Bluetooth headset is quietly there, and the box is attached to the manual. This design is quite unique. The general instructions are all underneath, and this time I made a small cloth pocket. A small box contains a power cord. This is all the main body and accessories inside, and finally come to a family portrait, take a look.


The design of the manual is still quite satisfactory. It not only introduces the operation details of the product, but also puts the three-package certificate together, so that it is simple and uniform.

  1. The power cord is also a common micro usb Android design. A short 16-cm line is also packed in a box and a plastic bag, which shows the details of the manufacturer.
  2. Shark fins and ear caps QCY’s shark fins are also a special feature. The fins are elastic and can make the earphones fit better on the ears, effectively preventing the hair from falling off. The silicone material makes your ears comfortable and not born. Childlike. It is worth mentioning that the shark fins included have R R points, and the different sizes can meet the needs of different people. The three ear caps are also available from the main body depending on the size of your auricle. The same comfortable rubber material gives your ears no discomfort.

The design of the Bluetooth headset main body QCY QY19 has a rigid design, but a more compact design, which gives people a feeling of love. The body weighs only 12.7g, allowing you to ignore the weight and make it more sporty. The headphones of QCY QY19 also have left and right points. The ear cap of QY19 is a double ear cap, which is more comfortable to wear. Surprisingly, QCY QY19 adopted a metal design. According to official reports, 22 mold grinding optimizations were adopted. The aviation aluminum material was cut by CNC at multiple angles, and the post-treatment of anodizing was performed. The configuration was less than 100 yuan. The earphones are enough to make you pretend to be violent, and suddenly there is no.

The remote control part of QY19 has three buttons, one of which is “+” and “-”. The two sides play different roles in different usage scenarios; the back of the remote control identifies “APTX”. “Lossless music words, there is also adaptation to Bluetooth 4.1;

The side is a USB charging port. There is a dust cover labeled “USB” outside the charging port, and the foot is inside the earphone. It is not easy to be lost. When charging, the indicator on the volume + button is red. When it is full. Will turn blue! The earplug catheter is finely worked, and the earmuff is removed, and the internal filter mesh can be seen to be fine, effectively preventing the entry of the booty. QY’s excellent chamber sealing process brings IPX4 waterproofing, which can effectively prevent sweat from entering.

Experience articles:

In a few days of playing, I feel that this headset is still good, especially in its peer price product should be in the middle and upper reaches.


The preferred consideration for a Bluetooth headset is its connectivity and stability. During the initial boot, you will hear the connected device. It can be seen that qy19 can connect two different devices. rare. For the connection is really fast, open the Bluetooth to search for the device is simply a second. Headphones within 10 meters range from receiving calls and listening to music without stress. However, there are occasional stagnations after the wall. This is a problem that the industry is currently facing, and it is hoped that the future technology will change.


Since the weight of the body is 12.7g, it can be neglected in the movement. The design of the ear + cochlear support can make the earphone securely stuck in the cochlea, so you don’t have to worry about it falling suddenly during exercise.


For the battery life of the qy19 Bluetooth headset, you can use the surprise to describe. A headset that was previously charged for three hours can only reach 2 hours in actual listening to the song. In the actual experience, qy19 charges about one and a half hours, but can work for about 5 hours.

4.Sound quality

QY19 adopts APTX encoding technology. The advantage of APTX is that it can play 16-bit/44.1kHz audio in the way of transmitting music. It has the characteristics of low loss, wide range, low delay and high sound quality. In the actual experience, the high and low frequency sounds are not very satisfactory, or lack of goodness. But the IF is really good, but I don’t think it is demanding for a $10 Bluetooth headset. Maybe after a long time of sedimentation, the sound quality will follow.

QY19 Bluetooth headset is a fashionable product, its metal design instantly enhances your taste, making your headphones more competitive. Long battery life, good signal is definitely the beauty of this Bluetooth headset. Of course, QY19 still has room for improvement in terms of sound quality, so let’s hope that the next upgrade will bring a big surprise.

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