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Sports Bluetooth headset chooses QCY QY19

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For those who love music, choosing a headset to enjoy music is an experience that brings good enjoyment to life. More and more mobile phone models have gradually eliminated the 3.5mm headphone jack, making the wired headset gradually fade out of our sight. Let Bluetooth music headphones become a new choice for music lovers, get rid of the shackles of the line, and thus loved by young people. Want to pursue a cost-effective Bluetooth headset style? Then this QCY QY19 is a very good choice.

The QCY brand is also well known in the field of Bluetooth headsets. The QCY QY19 Bluetooth headset is one of them, with a transparent packaging design, product information on the back, and anti-counterfeit labels.

Traditional manual, warranty card, certificate matching

It adopts the flat charging line of M-USB socket, which is common with many styles of Android phone sockets.

Four pairs of earplugs, as well as three pairs of large, medium and small shark fins, make the wear more stable, and also have a reducer for adjusting the length of the wire.

QCY QY19 stereo Bluetooth headset has a variety of color choices such as Star Black, Rose Gold, Phantom White, Afan Blue, etc. I am showing a starry black style here. Lightweight body design, common glue line matching, can be easily adjusted in length.

Wire-controlled design with LED indicator, volume up and down and function buttons.

Remote control, with MIC hole and Bluetooth 4.1 mark, CE mark and other information.

Wire-controlled side with a hidden M-USB socket for charging design. Support special fast charge matching, charge for 10 minutes, listen for 1 hour. The silicone plug design makes the product waterproof and sweat-proof.

The QCY QY19 stereo Bluetooth headset is exquisitely crafted with a silver metal ring with a black casing and a QCY logo on the back.

White earbuds with RL on the sides of the headphones.

The overall design is simple and generous,

Ergonomically designed arc with very high values

The interchangeable design of the earbuds and shark fins makes it easy to disassemble and install. The IPX4’s waterproof rating prevents splashing.

The curved cavity design, the overall workmanship is exquisite, the filter details are very beautiful.

Adopting aptX technology and Bluetooth 4.1 standard, it is also a relatively advanced technology combination for Bluetooth headset style. aptX remembers the data transmission design of the main lossless music, which has technical advantages for playing high-quality music, and Bluetooth 4.1 technology can bring more technological progress such as more power saving and longer effective distance.

It can be turned on by long pressing the multi-function button on the remote control. The red and blue lights flash, and you can connect by searching for QCY QY19 headphones by phone. Connecting again will be very fast.

After the connection is successful, a columnar battery display will appear on the phone, and you can visually see if the QCY QY19 stereo Bluetooth headset is low. After the connection, the voice prompt will also appear in the earphone, and also has a design such as a battery sound.

Support phone call design. Press the function key to answer the call; long press to reject. In the call state, double-click the function button to mute. In standby mode, double-clicking the function button will redial.

It can be controlled by the multi-function button of the remote control and supports volume adjustment. Press and hold the + button to switch to the next one. Press the + button to increase the volume. Press and hold the – button to switch to the previous one. Press the – button to decrease the volume. The multi-function button in the middle position can be played and paused.

The earphones weigh only 12.7g and are very lightweight. The shark fin’s abrupt area fits snugly on the ear’s ear and is comfortable to wear, effectively ensuring that it does not slip during exercise.

The QCY QY19 stereo Bluetooth headset supports aptX technology, and the best design is to play with aptX technology-enabled playback devices, such as the Apple series of mobile phones. Of course, with ordinary mobile phones, you can also play beautiful music, the sound is clear and elegant, the level is clear, and the balance is very strong. It has a good sound effect for pop music, and you can also mix it with rhythmic music to get a good mood for the day.

QCY QY19 stereo Bluetooth headset is a product of less than 100 yuan, but exquisite workmanship, clear sound, good life, comfortable to wear, advanced technology. Still have a very good cost-effective design. Would you like to give it a try?

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