Xiaomi Mi A1 4G Smartphone 5.5 inches

Xiaomi A1 is the popular face in the mobile phone

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Xiaomi launched a new Android One device a long time ago. Jon Gold, global director of Google’s Android Partner Program, emphasized that Xiaomi Mi A1 is an example of Android One’s future. It clearly shows that the project is no longer just an entry-level mobile phone.

Xiaomi A1 was sold in large quantities, “Xiaomi was created and powered by Google.” At the press conference, Gold also hinted that Android One will soon span a wide range of devices and price points. Xiaomi Mi A1 has guaranteed an update for Android 8.0 Oreo by the end of the year, although it is still too early, but next year’s Android P release is also a guaranteed update period.

Xiaomi’s Mi A1 not only provides a lot of support for Google’s perspective but also for Google. Considering that the recently launched Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4 are the two best-selling smartphones in India, it is a smart move to use Xiaomi as a partner of Android One. According to IDC data, Xiaomi currently has a place in the country’s top five smartphone brands. So far, 25 million smartphones have been sold. Its new retail strategy is also helping it grow.

For Xiaomi, Mi A1 is to some extent a flagship product with a very competitive price, as Mi 6 has not yet been launched in India. The Mi A1 seems to have a good price specification, and the dual camera may be a good complement. It would be interesting to see how Millet fans receive Mi A1. Let us see if the efforts of the two companies are rewarding.

Look and feel

Although it draws design clues from the already launched millet equipment, it stands out. It is basically a variant of the Mi 5X launched in China in July. This phone has black, gold and rose gold. We received a gold unit for review. Initially, only black and gold are available, and rose gold units will arrive in a few weeks.

The front has a 2.5D curved edge gorilla glass that makes the phone more precious. The rounded edges and corners mean it can be easily placed in the palm of your hand, and the 7.3 mm side profile makes it look smooth. Xiaomi has repeatedly said that Mi A1 feels great, we can’t completely deny it. The all-metal body looks strong, but the back is very slippery, so we must be careful when using this phone normally. We recommend that buyers use this type of phone to use a certain shell or cover. Compared to Xiaomi Redmi Note and Mi Max 2, Mi A1 is more expensive.

Xiaomi also compared the Mi A1 with the iPhone 7 Plus, and you can clearly see some similarities. The Mi A1’s dual rear camera is placed in a similar way, and the antenna lines are similar to the iPhone 7 series. Because of the more cautious overheating, Xiaomi claims that all Mi A1 devices in India will be equipped with dual pyrolysis graphite plates, which should be able to dissipate heat quickly and reduce the temperature by 2 degrees.

There is a capacitive Android navigation button at the bottom of the screen. The power and volume buttons have a good touch and are placed on the right side, making it easy to touch with your thumb or forefinger, depending on which hand you use your phone. The hybrid dual SIM tray is on the left and the infrared emitter is on the top. There is a USB Type-C port on the bottom, a speaker grille and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The fingerprint reader is located behind and works well. The dual camera protrudes slightly from the rear and is accompanied by a two-color flash. There is no brand in front, but you will find a familiar Mi logo on the lower back and an Android One logo.

Overall, the Mi A1 looks and feels better than any of the millet equipment reviewed so far. Xiaobian likes attention to detail, such as the neat speaker grille and the separation line on the back, which stand out from the usual antenna straps seen on this price point phone. However, the main problem with Mi A1 is that it looks a lot like a lot of mobile phones, including some Xiaomi and Vivo models.

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