HUAWEI honor Band 5 Smart Bracelet Basketball Wristband

Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition Experience

Smart Device & Safety

The Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition has a very small size and a lightweight design that allows the body to be less than 6g in weight. But don’t underestimate this small Band, the professionally strong six-axis motion sensor is added, so that the Honor Band 5 basketball version can have very professional motion monitoring. Of course, the sports monitoring function is mainly aimed at basketball and running.

Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition Basic Experience

Honor Band 5 The basketball version has two wearing modes, one is the regular wrist wearing mode, the other is the sneaker wearing mode, and the professional sports monitoring function is mainly for the latter wearing mode. In the Honor Band 5 basketball version of the accessories, in addition to the regular charging head and instructions, also comes with a clip, the foot will be very convenient to wear.

(Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition connects Huawei Sports Health App)

In the regular mode, the Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition has many of the usual features of the Smart Band, such as step counting, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminders, and message reminders on various mobile phones. In order to ensure a good operating experience, the Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition provides a touch button on one side of the screen. It has two operations of clicking and long pressing. The touch response is very sensitive and the whole operation is very fast. In terms of battery life, the Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition is very small and light, but it has a 14-day usage time and 21 days of standby life, which is absolutely enough for a Band.

(Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition Sakura Powder Matching)

The wristband is a feature of the Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition. The Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition offers a total of 6 color versions, namely Seagull Grey, Sakura Powder, Star Yaohuang, Denim Blue, Red, and Nebula. Xiaobian got the Sakura language powder. The wristband is made of an environmentally-friendly woven material that is designed to be particularly comfortable to wear. It will not be easy to leave marks when worn for a long time. The first time you adjust to a certain size, you can directly put it on every time you use it, which is very convenient.

Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition Innovation

The other mode is the sneaker wearing mode, which peels off the main part of the Honor Band 5 basketball version, puts on the small clips given by the original factory, and is tied to the sneakers, which can directly transform into a professional motion monitor. The Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition is mainly capable of providing two kinds of sports mode monitoring. One is to play a basketball game and can perform a statistical calculation on your play. Secondly, when running, you can monitor your movement posture in real time.

(Honor Band 5 basketball version of the shoes wearing mode)

The Honor Band 5 basketball version can do the functions that the previous Band can’t do, mainly because of the addition of the six-axis motion sensor. The six-axis motion sensor is based on a three-axis accelerometer that adds a three-axis gyroscope that measures the translational and rotational motion of an object in space, and is therefore also known as a six-degree-of-freedom motion sensor. When the product is only equipped with a three-axis acceleration sensor, the amplitude of the acceleration change and the period of change can be monitored to achieve the step counting, but the attitude change cannot be accurately reflected. Compared to the three-axis accelerometer, the three-axis gyroscope added to the six-axis motion sensor can sense the angular velocity along the X/Y/Z axis. Therefore, the six-axis sensor can calculate the period of motion, and can also calculate the rotation angle of the object in space, which can reflect the accurate attitude change of the object under motion.

(Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition Wrist Wearing Mode)

Friends who like basketball should know that although the Warriors lost the NBA Finals in 2019, its performance is still remarkable. In the semi-final of the Western Conference of the 2018-2019 season, the Warriors’ main force Durant was injured. It is surprising that the Warriors’ bench players performed very well and played well. The reason why the substitute team has such outstanding performance is because the Warriors used two high-tech products to assist in training. The first is SportVU, a simple understanding is a system device that can capture the movement of athletes in real time. The second is MOCAP, a big data processing and decision-making tool. In the era of big data, whoever can make good use of technology can grasp the opportunities. Today’s Honor Band 5 basketball version is similar to the Warriors system. It is through detailed data collection and analysis. Improve the training effect, and the Honor Band 5 basketball version is just a simplification.

Honor Band 5 Basketball version of the sports mode experience

First look at the basketball mode, all the information and data are displayed in the APP on the mobile phone. According to the screenshot, the data that can be recorded in the Honor Band 5 basketball version includes: vertical hops, vertical jump height, vacant time, moving speed, exercise time, distance traveled, heat, steps, active time, and active time. The recorded data is very detailed. Through this data, on the one hand, you can have an understanding of each movement, and on the other hand, it is convenient to make adjustments. Compared with the ordinary Band, the Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition allows you to comprehensively analyze normal basketball games, not just simple calorie and speed related information. This is the difference between professional equipment and ordinary equipment. Overall, the Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition makes this a truly useful professional device.

(Sports Health APP basketball data)

In addition to some conventional data, basketball data is mainly concentrated in two aspects, one is the average vertical jump height, and the other is the average emptying time. These two speeds are relatively important. When the two data are deviated, the APP will also give the correct training method to improve the skills in this area.

After the game is over, you can see the comprehensive score, bounce score, mobile score, sprint score, maximum acceleration score and lower limb strength score of the game through the Sports Health App, and share it with friends, and also support the sponsor group for multiple people. PK, competing with the same group of users for a single item or a comprehensive score, making the sport more social.

The Honor Band 5 Basketball Edition also supports the running mode, with seven parameters of running posture analysis, including touchdown time, grounding method, landing impact, stride frequency, stride length, eversion range, and swing angle. The correctness of the running posture is very important. The correct running posture can prevent you from being injured in sports and also make your exercise better. Many people say that running is not easy? In fact, it is not easy at all. For ordinary people, professional coaches are often required to guide and observe them, but this cost is beyond the reach of most people. Now, this work can be handed over to the Honor Band 5 basketball version. Come and do it.

(Sports Health APP running posture data)

Short running data screenshots show not only the most common exercise times, calories, average speed, average pace, average stride frequency, and average stride. Of course, when the deviation of the average touchdown time is large, the analysis will give some analysis and correct teaching instructions for running posture.

A few small details are worth noting. First of all, in the sneaker wearing mode, what if you want to know other data at any time? Honor Band 5 The basketball version supports dual device connections. In this case, you can wear a Band and both can work at the same time. Secondly, the Honor Band 5 basketball version supports 50 meters waterproof, to achieve this level of waterproof, more everyday when you use it. Finally, the Honor Band 5 basketball version in the sneaker wearing mode, six-axis motion sensor combined with high-precision attitude fusion algorithm, can accurately measure the user’s steps and stride. Without the aid of GPS, the running distance calculation accuracy is still as high as 97%, exceeding the market equivalent Band.

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