Honor AM-H1C FlyPods Youth Version Wireless Earphone

Honor FlyPods Youth Edition, youth headphones for young people

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Every day commuting to and from work by car, waiting for a walk, running, playing, cycling, etc., most people are wearing headphones, headphones in addition to mobile phones has become a standard for everyone Accessories. I am used to the inconvenience caused by the use of wired headsets. At this time, you need a Bluetooth headset to bring you the pleasure of whether you are exercising or taking a break. Today, I will introduce you to a Bluetooth headset that you have used for more than 1 month. —FlyPods Youth Edition.

Honor released the Honor FlyPods Youth Edition wireless Bluetooth headset on December 27, 2018. First of all, self-contained youth is a bluetooth headset for young people. It is the market for young people. The Honor of FlyPods Youth Edition currently offers three colors of magic night black, lily of the valley white and robin blue, all of which fully reflect the young color. .

First of all, give everyone an out of the box, Honor FlyPods youth version continues the Honor family blue style packaging style, the square front HD shows the foreign trade of FlyPods youth version, the binaural symmetrical display continues the traditional headphones hanging Appearance. The package particularly emphasizes that this headset supports android and IOS systems.

The back of the box introduces the main functions of the Honor FlyPods Youth Edition: double-click touch – control music and incoming calls, voice only assistant – call-to-call, long-lasting standby – long-term companionship, noise-reduction call – binaural free switching, earphone IP54 dustproof Anti-water splash and other functions, through packaging we can basically understand what kind of headphones Honor FlyPods Youth Edition is.

After unpacking, the three-piece out of the box can not be less: earphone charging box + earphone, charging cable, manual, and a replaceable cochlear sleeve according to the size of each person’s different cochlea.

The size of the entire charging box is about 6CM2CM2CM, and it can be grasped in the palm of your hand. This size is also very convenient to carry in the bag.

The back of the charging box is the input and output voltage of the charging. The Honor FlyPods Youth Edition supports the input power of 5.2V-1.1A and the output power of 5V-0.11A.

The charging compartment is opened and closed by adsorption, the opening and closing is very texture, and the adsorption is good. It is not easy to open at will to ensure the safety of the earphone in the box. After opening, the two earphones are quietly lying in the groove, and the whole machine is white. The latest logo HONOR with Honor on the mast looks very tall.

The Honor FlyPods Youth Edition headphones have an in-ear design, and two earphone-shaped grooves are designed in the charging box. The earphones are perfectly absorbed in the charging box after being placed in the charging box. In order to facilitate charging at any time, two in the charging box are designed. The metal contacts of the bumps are automatically charged when the headphones are placed, and the headphones are fully charged at any time. The contact type charging electric shock is located inside the earphone cavity, and the storage box can provide 12 hours of use time.

The Honor FlyPods Youth Edition uses an ergonomic in-ear design, which is also the design of most headphones on the market. It is also the ear-wearing technology that has been accumulated for many years. The material of the headphones is made of skin-friendly silicone material, which can ensure long-wearing and earmuffs. The design does not cause problems with ear pain.

Honor FlyPods Youth Edition is also very convenient to pair with the mobile phone, just open the charging box, long press the function button 2S on the charging box, the charging box blue light flashes, the headset will enter the pairing state. After opening the mobile phone Bluetooth, you can see the “FlyPods Lite” connection information, and click the pairing directly.

After the first connection, each time you use it, you only need to take out the headset to connect automatically. You don’t need to pair each time. The left and right headphones can also be used separately or together, or separately.

Moreover, after the earphone is connected to the mobile phone, the instant power of the earphone is displayed on the mobile phone, and the power consumption of the earphone can be paid attention to at any time. The single use time of the earphone is three hours, and the charging time can be about 90 minutes in 15 minutes.

In addition, the Honor FlyPods Youth Edition supports Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Although the latest 5.0 technology is not used, the more stable 4.2 technology also brings stable connection and stable signal transmission to 5M distance. At the same time, the Honor FlyPods Youth Edition also supports the bone double-click control technology. When listening to music, you only need to double-click on the headset to pause and other operation controls. Double-click the left ear to summon the mobile phone voice assistant.

I have used it for nearly a month. Although I didn’t have time to listen to music and I was out of power, I tried to listen to three-hour continuous throwing of one-third of the power, so the power is fully satisfied for business trips and commuting, and at the same time, sports. The Honor FlyPods youth version is not easy to fall off, and it also achieves the IP5 level of water splash resistance, fully meeting the use of sports. The Honor quality of the test can be built. At present, the Honor of FlyPods Youth Edition is priced at 399 yuan. Compared with some of the hundreds of brand-name headphones on the market, the Honor of FlyPods Youth Edition is the first choice for young people.

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