Haylou GT1 Pro wireless in-ear headphones Review

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With Haylou GT1 Pro, we are testing the first in-ear wireless headphones from a Chinese manufacturer and, like QCY, Xiaomi also supports it. GT1 Pro may even be a better alternative to Redmi AirDots.

Packaging and delivery scope

Although I may not be very interested, I really like the packaging of the Haylou GT1 Pro. The “company color” immersed in the logo is a beautiful dark blue, which can also be found on the short side of the package. Both the front and the back are silver. You can see the headphones with the battery case on the front, the technical data in Chinese and English on the back, and you can also use the CE mark!

Simplicity of design is hard to find!

Haylou GT1 Pro is probably the least notable internal wireless headset you can buy today. The headphones remind me of TicTac, although they are bigger than them. But you can find design lines, borders or the like.

Haylou GT1 Pro sound
According to the price of the headphones, the Haylou GT1 Pro wireless “in-ear” only “has a cost-effective 7.2mm dynamic controller built-in.

Like most similar products, the performance in the bass and subwoofer ranges is impressive. The small headphones produce a loud sound at the bottom, and I think it works even better than Redmi AirDots.

In medium and high tones, the deficiencies become apparent again. Fortunately, the headphones do not sound “murky” here, and the tone is generally good, but the treble is not very different, and certain frequencies are completely “swallowed” by the headphones.

Especially compared to the middle range, for example, TaoTronics Soundliberty 53 and the upper class as the middle range.

For example, if Haylou GT1 Pro compares with Redmi AirDots T2S or QCY, there is no significant difference in sound quality. Even if I directly compare the same song and the same volume, I can’t detect the difference in the sound.

Listening to music with Haylou GT1 Pro is definitely fun, especially the subwoofer. You just need to decide for yourself how important the sound is to you, if you notice the difference between headphones in the past or if you don’t mind at all.

What I mean is that at least 60-70% of people will be absolutely satisfied with the sound of similar models such as Haylou GT1 Pro or Redmi AirDots or QCY-T2S. Especially for most people, they are just cheap headphones for sports or trains.

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